Un-Boxing Japan at The Bento Cafe 

The Bento Cafe at Dlf Mall of India is a good enough place for anyone who loves Japanese food or would like to have something quickly.
So what is in a Bento 

To answer this we need to go back in history of a Bento.” Bento (弁当 bentō?) is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento holds rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container. Containers range from disposable mass produced to hand crafted lacquerware. ” thats what you will find on Wikipedia. 

The interesting part is that Bento box had been used  in Japan for over 1000 years. The Bento is believed to have originated way back during Kamakura period (1185-1333) in Japan. And the preparations were made with rice which was tried to eat as it is can be boiled in hot water to consume. In just 400 years of its origin Bento boxes have evolved as Waist Bento amoung sightseers and traveller’s. And in 1912-26 these boxes became luxury for many with a style statement  with designer aluminum a thing to flaunt not just carry your food around. And this became a convenient way to carry food to school by student,  but eventually it become a big issue because of kids carrying luxury Bento with rich food and few kids carrying the normal food in a not so good looking box. Thus after World War II the schools started providing same Bento to all kids and teachers. Isn’t  it surprising how food and how food is carried creates a social inequality. 

Bentos regained popularity in the 1980s, credit goes to  microwave oven and the proliferation of convenience stores. And now you get a Bento across all airports, markets,  Offices,  home deliveries. While I visited Japan sometime back I did noticed the meal boxes with rice & meat or noodles & meat / vegetables almost everywhere from a convenience store to metro stations . Today only I realised these meal boxes are a thing of Past and called #Bento

So coming back to what I had at The Bento Cafe, well by now you have a context that it’s going to be a meal box. You can create your own in just 3 steps at a price starting at 275/- for a Veg Bento to  395/- for Gourmet Bento 

So I picked a veg Bento and the process is aa under with my pick

Step 1: Choose your Rice /Noodles : I choose Wheat Noodle ( healthy On my mind)

Step 2: Choose your mains : I choose Veg Kung Pao( this has nothing to do with Akka Pao from Mumbai).

Step 3: Get a Free salad. Well this is not a step it’s complimentary food. Here it is Thai Som Tum Salad.

And that’s how your order comes if you are having it there and these boxes are take away if you are not able to consume the food completely. Just tell them they will lid the remaining portion.

Best part about your order is your box has got your name and how much time it took to make it. Isn’t it insightful , not that this actually matters but it gives you a sense of time and off course speak a lot for their time management.

While I saw the salad I was quite disappointed with the portion size but then it clicked it’s free. But as I started having it I realized it looked less but it was more filling and very delicious and when I said the same thing to the staff who gave me my next order of Sushi , he was so sweet to ask if I want more of it. How Sweet. And the Salad is also slightly sweet as it comes in a salad syrup thin strands of raw pappaya almost like noodles.

So if you are eating at a Japanese cuisine and don’t have Sushi then in my books its a crime. Ordered for my all time favorite sushi- Rock Corn Tempura. 

This was served with some molecular twist with fumes of liquid nitrogen in the box.

Why  is it called Tempura? 

Well , Tempura is a Japanese version of India Pakoda. So literally Tempura is a Japanese dish that can be  veg or non veg  as fish or vegetables that are battered and deep fried. Yes so it’s akka Bhajiya.

So this Sushi was topped with really good looking sauces and topped with  Christy corn Tempura.

And the sauces are really strong with a pungent garlic taste so be careful. And I had this with #Watermelon 🍉 Kafir lime slush.

And there dimsum display was so tempting that I ordered for 1 Veg dimsums that had 5 peices

And after having so fungerlicking good high on spices food,  came time for something sweet yeah! Dessert time. 

Melting choco Dumplings

Hmmmmm Yuuummm that’s what I can say about this coconut loaded dessert, melting choco in a thing film of dumpling rolled over grated fresh coconut. Simply yum yum and truly a drool worth foodgasm.

Okay if you are feeling that I had too much,  not really as I got my Bento packed after having to my appetite. So loved this concept of taking away in the boxes.

Overall a great place and lively counter. This is now my favorite place for my love for coconut and Melting choco dumplings that has it loaded with the right kind of chocolate which is not over sweet and not to strong either mild and light sweet chocolate just as I like it.

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Naturally No Place is as Original as Mom’s Kitchen


Well that’s not what the title is, that’s a line from my favorite ice cream parlor, Yes! it non other than Naturals Ice Cream. Imagine I have always carried kilos of this Ice cream from Mumbai ever since 2011 when i first got introduced to this during one of my visit to this city – Mumbai.

As far as history of Natural ice cream  goes this was established in 1984 in Mumbai, they are pioneers in making artisan ice creams using only fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, milk and sugar with  no preservatives or stabilizers in their product. This Ice cream point is the brain child of  by Mr. R S Kamath, CMD of Kamaths Ourtimes ice creams Pvt. Ltd.


So why am i writing a blog on this, well i was amazed to see the size of this place , everyday on by way to office i passed this place for a month at 9:30 and felt bad as it was not open. So finally when i was late for office i was the happiest that this place would be open by now. and stopped by at 11 to checkout my favorite ice cream before starting a day at office.


Various size of cups , waffles and cones


shakes and ice creams


colorful elements on the wall 


Sitting space 

Never expected such big a natural ice creams  parlor just around the Lajpat nagar Metro station. for that matter a place as huge as this with visibility from 2 sides and such nicely done interiors selling ice creams and shakes. In Mumbai people step out till 12 in the night just to have ice creams and these places are open till that late.

So whats my pick, I have always adored their 2 evergreen flavors -Tender coconut & Alfonso Mango. though my favorite is Sitafal ( Custard apple ) but unfortunately that’s a seasonal fruit and thus only available in sep – nov i think.


Fruit ice cream 


Mango Ice Cream 


Mulberry ice cream with  Strawberry 


Pack it and take it or have it 


Mulberry  – new introduction 

This time for the first time i tried adding fresh fruits to my Natural ice cream and it was good for change.

Tender coconut has coconut pulp / fresh pieces of coconut in the ice cream and most of their fresh fruit ice cream flavors has loads of fruit chunks of the fruits adding the fruity flavor of the ice cream.

So easiest way to pick your ice cream is going by your favorite fruit and trust me you will not be disappointed. I had made a lot of people taste these ice creams and the best part about their ice cream was when i carried them from Mumbai was their dry ice take away box that helps you take the ice cream from one place to another and is packed well to let it last for 12- 24 hours in the box. Had been having their ice creams across cities have had it in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and still don’t mind going all the way to CP to try when i crave for it.

And i always plan to try their shakes but every time i end up having Ice creams only.

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Taco Bell – for the love for Mexican food

When I visit a restaurant  somewhere the marketer in me is always looking for the details beyond just the food, menu  and store layout. And for the first time i realized these guys have got it better than most others in this league.

Sometimes the simplicity in details and thought of putting all of it out there makes more difference than the fancy jagrans.

We entered the store with the idea of picking our lunch and quickly moving out, We knew we are not going to have it in the store but there speed to deliver made us sit and have it and thats when i got engaged with the interesting stuff  in the  store communication.

You will get to see a lot of mention of this phrase  “Live Mas ”  where mas is a spanish word meaning “more” and this was introduced for taco bell in 2012 when they replaced their existing tag line “Yo Quiero Taco Bell.” that meant ” think outside of bun.” This is engraved across the store and even on the tissue papers (check the first pic ). And even the earlier tag line was so apt, but lets have more for now.


Making pronunciation easy 

Most of us might have felt  difficult when we have come across this word “”Quesadilla”, well to be frank I could not pronounce it right in the first go years back when I first came across this word and look how they have placed it in hindi loud and clear , when you ll look at this wall you ll definitely pronounce this at least once as i did in your head. And hindi made it sound  more interesting. They have done the same with Taco, Nacho & Buritto.



*This photo is picked from Zomato 

Order made easy 

If you are on the counter placing the order , here is the complete guide for you on how to make your order. if its your first time to the store  this is going to be a great help to you. Check the pic under for steps and you are sorted

  1. Pick your product – Taco/ Burrito / Quesadilla /Chalupa (read it in hind or english as your prefer)
  2. Choose your filling : from vegetarian to non veg 3  options in each.
  3. Choose your sauce : just 3 options so that you are less confused.
  4. Select a side : from 4 options


Menu right up there on the wall, though i felt it was on a height but then its okay.


Offer board 

There was this place where the paper rolled down from a pulley and it made me curious what is it, when I checked with the staff it’s actually a notice board on which they flash the offer of the day whenever there is one. (Marketing people will understand that gives the store so much independence to write stuff and make it interesting, may be a spot to let the store employees show off their creative writing ) . But indeed a good placement just right to the counter and minimising printing cost as well.


Follow us 

Right on the wall , all four social handles sign with the handle name – @tacobellIndia


Wall of History 

The walls speak of the history of the store and another wall marks the location as Nehru place and not misses to highlight the current India Locations. Smart.

1954 – Glen Bell started Bell’s Drive in and Taco Tia in San Bernardino.

1962 – First Taco bell Restaurant opened in Downey,  CA

2010 – Taco bell opens in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore

2016 – Taco Bell opens at Nehru place. (we checked it out after a year of launch )


Right sitting with perfect foot rest

thats exactly what you need for your happy feet while you indulge in delicious food.just perfect height for both the and right placement


Hard Drink Menu guide 

A dedicated counter with the options of Hard drinks up there to help you decide in a quick pick.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 10.26.34 AM.png

Lets get to food we had on this visit

  • Bell Rice Bowl – Mexican Paneer 

Quantity was bang on, too much for a meal so had it to get it packed.whatsapp-image-2017-01-25-at-9-26-15-am


  • A Taco Slidder – Bean, paneer & Fajita Veggies

Perfectly crisp outside and juicy loaded with veggies on inside. Taco slider for me is what comes to my mind when i think of Taco.


  • A Soft Chocolate shake – to treat the sweet-tooth in me

Perfectly sweet and thick with just the right balance of chocolate ice cream, dont go for it if you dont have a sweet tooth.


  • Loaded Nachos- Veg 

when the toppings on nachos does not kill the crisp thats when you just love it as you crack it out in your mouth, and this was just perfect.


And now the most important thing, we were done with our lunch in just 20 minutes that included our clicking pictures and bothering the attendant multiple times to seek clarity on a lot of things. Isn’t its seriously fast food luncheon.

If you love mexican fast food then this is definitely the place which you should check out , good food , nice ambience and great pricing with just the right quantities to stuff you up.

TACO Bell – Rings the mexican food bells for your taste buds. so go Explore.

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Christmas 2016 is JUST a MALL Away

So after overwhelming response to my Diwali special features , here I am again taking you around the best malls in the city over Christmas, As the best way to celebrate #Christmas2016 is to visit a mall near you and indulge in Santalicious celebrations. Selfies, chocolates, cakes, Santa, Christmas tree and amazing decors are calling you for an amazing christmas outing and malls are definitely the festive destinations and everything seems brighter, more cheerful, more magical and happier than ever with everything under one roof.

So here’s my pick of the malls to visit in Delhi NCR this christmas and trust me you are in for an unmatched experience as Christmas gets bigger and better at each of these Malls

Pacific Mall – Christmas in Paris 

If you think Christmas is a festival from west then this mall is ready to make you believe that and all set to take you on a trip to Paris, Yes they are offering a ticket to Paris. Its time to go international this Christmas.

The Live size Eiffel Tower is a treat to eyes, all decked in  a christmas decor this is better than any Christmas tree in town and it is driving people crazy.


Eiffel Christmas 


Eiffel Tower comes to Delhi 

Yes !The entire Europe is in an affair with Pacific Mall this Christmas, don’t miss to visit the mall for fabulous European street acts over the weekends by International artists.

So ,you don’t need a passport to visit Eiffel Tower this christmas , all you need is a visit to Pacific Mall before 1st Jan

To Know more Just call -096500 97011

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DLF Saket – Trip to Finland 

Celebrating North East is a holistic celebration of the region’s Fashion,Food and Culture at one platform where stake holders interact to innovate. Indulge in 2 day affair with North east Handloom, Handicrafts, Fashion, Tourism,Cultural Folk Music, Dance and lots more.
So ,Go get your dose of the beautiful North East, without having to leave the city!


Mall Atrium 


Santa Factory by Hamleys 

The Christmas Cantata, a show-stopping musical experience is making it’s way to DLF Place, Saket this festive weekend.
Through 4 beautiful music-filled stages, and two eternal message of hope and happiness.
The Cantata is sure to infuse your heart with the true meaning of Christmas.

This christmas Mall is committed to take you to Finland , Shop and win and get lucky to be the one flying to Finland. They have also made the largest Santa with around 5000 Fairy lights when everyone else is making bigger christmas tree.


Checkout the Largest Santa in town with 5000 lights 

Mark your dates and get your family to DLF Place saket and enjoy a lovely festive weekend.


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Garden Galleria Mall -The Great India Place 

The best gets better this christmas with World’s Largest Interactive Christmas tree that gets to life this Christmas from 21st Dec 2016 till 1st January, Now does that ring bells , Yes it does! so be there to be part of this lively experience.


That’s not all ,the Mall is also showcasing the first ever gigantic 25 by 25ft Christmas greeting card that comes live with highend digital projection mapping technology. Of course ‘we are in a digital era and The Garden galleria has gone a step beyond to woo its customers and you can experience this by creating personalized Jpegs and gifs with world’s largest greeting cards so be there and make your Christmas greetings special, I am sure you would love to share it with your friends on social media or whatsapp.



Exciting isn’t it. Hang on that’s not all! there is more to make this Christmas rocking

# Christmas Bazaar at #TGIP : 24th – 25th Dec – explore the christmas special Flea Market

#Kids Carnival at #Garden Galleria : 24th – 25th Dec

# Santa Parade – 24th – 25th Dec

# Meet & Greet Santa from 20th -25th Dec

# Carol Singing – 24th -25th Dec

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DLF Mall Of India – Chocolicious Christmas 

DLF Mall of India is all set to welcome you for a chocolicious christmas with lots of fun activities lined up across December. Visit this mall for a great christmas and new year celebration for the entire family.



  • 16th to 18th December – Build Delhi’s biggest Lego Christmas tree.
  • 25th December: Breakfast with Santa, shop for 5000/- to participate in the lucky draw.
  • 20th December to 25th December: Get Santa to visit your home and surprise your child. Shop for 7000 and above to participate in the lucky draw
  • 25th December to 30th December: Watch India’s first ever musical show “Chocolate wonderland’ Grab your seats now!


For once you will feel that you have landed into a chocolate factory, definitely of a toyland.


To Know more Just call – 0120 259 5024

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DLF Promenade – Magical Christmas 

Prepare yourself for a jolly fun ride at Promenade Mall. The Christmas is merry-magical with Santa Parade , the Mizo carol choir & curated Christmas market by Elite. What’s in store apart from a sparkling red christmas tree is definitely a selfie point


Sparking ring 




Mall Entry 


Angels and Star all around 

# Super Sweepstakes : A Royal sojourn aboard the palace on wheels awaits 1 lucky couple with a gift card from Shingora, Steve madeen, Swarovski and much more.. So keep shopping

#The Christmas Canata – Now thats pre- christmas bash where you  get to sing and dance along with Christmas musical concert on 18th Dec 2016

#Kiddylicious Fun – Delight in Chef Masterclasses so while it’s for kids the activities are really going to be super fun with ketchup Art, Donut decoration , christmas art and much more for little masters.

To Know more Just call – 011 – 46104466

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Ambience Mall – Vasant Kunj 

Every Mall is poised with creating amazing christmas decors and dazzling lights


Walk into the enchanted land spanning from the Ground Floor  with multiple elements of Christmas decor . Enjoy the mystical atmosphere with giant Christmas tree with cute little white windows , Now just one Christmas tree was not enough for the Ambience , so Ambience mall has 2 Christmas trees this time, the indoor one is with bright red colored elements arranged in  layers touching the ceiling decked in sparkles.


So out to Ambience & Explore the christmas celebration, and if you have kids dont miss to check out the Hamleys Santa zone on ground floor


To know more call –

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DLF Emporio Mall 


I am always keen on what these guys are upto and they are always up for a surprise.

There Christmas decor is a concept completely different than any other mall in town, after all they speak the language of Luxury, so is their golden centre piece – an element of christmas decor.



But Shopholics they are no less than other Malls. YES ! A  Special Sale starts on 16th Dec at 6pm, with exclusive shopping hours all the way till 11 pm. Enjoy an evening of canapés, cocktails and live music as you shop limited-time offers on luxury labels, only on 16th December.

To Know more Just call -011 4611 6666

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Select CITYWALK Mall 

Last on list , but it’s actually first on mind.This mall can never disappoint you. What I always love about this mall is the fact that they are always number one to be up with their festive decor after all its the Numero Uno of Malls. This is probably the only mall that had its celebration starting  from 5th Dec marked with the presence of a Santa, where the Santa himself came all the way from Finland.


Mall Parking 

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-13 at 8.46.26 PM.jpeg

Star studded Christmas Tree 


To bring in the Christmas mood, Select CITYWALK Mall  is adorned with a full on Santa-themed décor , Where Santa is  ridding hanging from the ceiling of the Mall  all around the Mall, so many that you do not even bother to count, and a live size Toy train that lits up the atrium and that’s an amazing site to catch hold of, nothing less than a fairy tale in motion loaded with lots of gift boxes.




# Go dancing with Santa from 14-18th Dec

# Christmas market from 14-18th Dec

# Don’t miss to get on a #Santa Run contest from 17-24th dec

#Christmas choir from 19th – 24th Dec

# Meet and Greet Santa claus – 19th to 25th Dec

# Don’t miss to participate in shop & win, photo-booths and carry home christmas exclusive merchandise

To Know more Just call – 011 4211 4200

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From Santa’s appearances , Sparkling decors  and cookie-icing workshops to giant Christmas trees and shiny baubles, these quick trips to the malls will surely get you  in the mood for the festive season. So ,what are you waiting for Go out and Get Going.


Eat like a Japanese in the Heart of Delhi @ Guppy

When a Restaurant specializes in a particular cuisines the authenticity is always in question, and that is something that definitely hits you as you enter this space designed to unwind. A big board guides the way inside to the restaurant among the greens.



Passage to the entry


Open air sitting


high raise tables



colorful sitting


Whenever it is about Japanese food the first thing that hits us is Sushi – undoubtedly the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan as well as in Japan. Since traditional  Japanese cuisine is served on low rise  tables and cushions placed on floor over mats, so don’t expect the floor sitting ,here  they have a proper western yet comfortable & colorful  sitting.



What is always most challenging for me is to find the Veg options in a cuisine other than Indian. But this place is completely sorted to offer the best vegetarian options along with a good non veg spread with lots of seafood.

So the easiest to pick is the Meal options whether it is sunday brunch or weekday  Guppy set lunch or dinner option, these pre designed meals comes really handy. Japanese style traditionally abhors different flavored dishes touching each other on a single plate, so different dishes are given their own individual plates as mentioned, or are partitioned using leaves, etc. So going by that they offer each and every dish directly in eating bowls and cutlery .And this place follows the course to the core, the next dish on the menu would only arrive on the table when you are done with the previous dish.


I opted for Teppanyaki Stir fried vegetables priced at Rs. 900/- for a 5 course meal with 6 items.

1.Salad – Seasonal greens with wafu dressing 


Green vegetables served in Wafu dressing

This is literally “Japanese-style dressing” is a vinaigrette-type salad dressing based on tosazu, popular in Japan. The best part of the Japanese salad is unlike western salad these salads dont have oil as base, this one was  tossed in vinegar, soy sauce and sesame seeds.

2. Meso Soup : fermented soya bean paste soup in a dish base with tofu , wakame and spring onions.


Miso soups are authentic japanese soup,but if being a vegetarian you are sensitive to smells, don’t go for this soup as the fermented soya bean paste is not that pleasant.If thats the case you can opt for clear mushroom soup. The other ingredient in this soup is the seaweed – Wakame which is a well cooked green leaf and plain tofu does add to the taste.

3. Sushi Roll –  Sushi of the day 


So whats Sushi ?

In Japan there are over 4-5 varities of Sushi and outside of Japan most common is  Norimaki  Sushi rice and seafood, etc. rolled in dried seaweed sheets. There are countless varieties of sushi rolls differing in ingredients and thickness. Sushi rolls prepared “inside out” are very popular outside of Japan, but rarely found in Japan.

Here I opted for a Black rice california roll  that had avacardo, creame, asparagus, cucumber and takvan as the filling , and this was so good that I had ordered for complete portion and got it packed. (full portion had 9 pieces ) served with pickled ginger and avacardo chutney.


Black rice california roll

4. Rice Or Noodles – Udon Noodles with exotic Mushrooms 


Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine. The bowl had loads of veggies , sesame seeds and the soup.

5.Teppanyaki Stir fried vegetables


Perfectly stir fried vegetables sprinkled with finely diced onion stems and sesame seeds. And the sauce was great on taste with the perfect blend of vinegar.

6. Dessert – Petit Four whatsapp-image-2016-11-30-at-11-17-03-pm-2

A combination of 4 deserts in mini portions had Fruits, chocolate, red velvet cake and Tart. Portions that were just perfect for giving taste of the desserts and leaving the craving on.

The best part of the entire experience was the timing of each and every dish being served just to ensure that you are completely in the dish that is on the table and the next one comes while the existing is cleared.

Along with the lunch , I also tried my hands on 2 of the mocktails

  1. Just like that  – Fresh Gauva blend with peach and creame, One should only try this if fond of creme based mocktails.whatsapp-image-2016-11-30-at-11-17-42-pm-5
  2. Crimson Tide  – Beet root , strawberry with orange juice , sugar and lime. Well balanced taste of all the ingredients but too sweet.whatsapp-image-2016-11-30-at-11-17-02-pm-3

Overall had a great experience and interesting part is the live sushi corner where you can watch the preparation of your choice of sushi while its being made – Check out the video here 

This place has something about the way they have used the space , a combination of well lit , open and closed space. the outside space is done so well that it becomes a preferred point to chill out with kids, and i am surely going to try this out.


Small little but lots of such elements that gives this place a seem less theme of being a japanese restaurant.

Try out this place if you like japanese cuisine and if you never had it before then also its a must try to get a hang of this cuisine in the most affordable way.Pre booking / reservation is recommended especially over the weekends.

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PetFed 2016 – Beyond just a Pet event


Few  organization are doing outstanding work around building communities. And this one is definitely striking a landmark for the Pet Lovers. In its 2016 edition this event is setting up stage beyond your imagination. From having Dino Morea as one of the Investor who is also going to walk the ramp for the show, to attempting a guinness book of world record  (Register here to attend ), housing over 100 stalls, pet fashion show, dog Art gallery ,kids and pet zone, award night , live shows and what not.


So as we are still counting days to this event, Trust me its worth waiting for such a Pet extravaganza, the PetFed team is all out there hosting and organizing some really outstanding event to further strengthen the Pet community, bringing together the Pet owners and their pets in the environment where they not only can unwind but do really cool and fun stuff. Don’t believe me , check out their website that talks strongly of their monthly BYOD events where the Pet along with their humans are having amazing time.

Gracious Pool Party 

They recently did a Pool party for pets at Gracious Pool in Sohna Road, Gurgaon and the pics below speak the quanta of fun the pet owners had. while most of them really wanted to go out to a place that allows Pets in the pools, and this one came as one such big opportunity. Since most of them are associating for the first time with Petfed and thus are amazed to explore places like these which they have never heard of.


Gracious Pool Party – Pic courtesy Petfed



Puppy therapy 

Now this is another activity that is a part of the pre hype events hosted across various malls in Delhi NCR, so all you have to do is just located the nearest mall that is going to host the Puppy therapy and just take your Pup / pet there for a great outing with your baby.

Lots of engagement activities are planned to keep the human and the pet engaged so spread some canine love till you get to be at #PETFED


While this journey of exploring new places to go to with your pet is on, #PetFed team came up with  Puppychino Day Out by Pet Fed , that was being hosted in Delhi’s only Dog cafe – #PuppyChino. and trust me being a part of this event was such a stress buster.

Puppychino Day Out by Pet Fed

So what is Puppychino – well its a Dog cafe right in Shahpur jat and its a must visit place for dog / pet lovers. Owned by Ms. Nayani Tandon and no prize for guessing that she is a dog lover herself and proud owner of 2 dogs who are found in the cafe most of the time.


Nayani with BOBO & Simba (Mascots for PuppyChino )

Read everything about this cafe Here 

The core idea behind the event was to get the pet lovers together over brunch at PuppyChino and help them explore this place and its love for dogs. And the view of dogs all around having fun was breath taking.The dog owners few of them being regular guest here were happy to see so many new entrants in the group and almost all interacting like parents do in a parents teacher meet. And all the dogs introducing each other using their Olfactory glands.

when we say it’s a dog cafe how can we miss on the dog food, well this place is up with a gastronomic trip for its patrons with a complete menu for Dog food.Have a look at the Pizza and pastas they grooved on.


having Pizza


Meet few regular guests at this Cafe 

The best part of these meet ups is they break the boundaries that Pets are just to be taken to parks not to cafes. and probably paves way for more such cafe across places to let the Pet owners spend some quality time without having to lock the pets back home.

Shruti & Duke 

So while this is her  5th Visit but Shruti was equally thrilled with so many more friends for Duke – her  labrador Dog who loves this place as much as Shruti does.


Having her white sauce pasta she mentions – ” I just loves the food here and a brunch here is always on the cards for me and Duke at this place, clearly you don’t have much choices to take your pet to, so even while I comes all the way from Mayur Vihar ( East Delhi ) but the time spent here is worth the ride.And the Duke loves the company of both the owners dogs here”


One more such visitor i came across was this cool gang who were here to just have food. While Abhishek  is in a business of pet nutrition and sells online at  – Dawgie Bowl  And his brand philosophy is “Good food is at the heart of everything ” and so thats what brings him at Puppychino , good food you see.


Enjoying Good Food 

To make the event more fun and engaging the #PetFed team has organized a lot of fun games from musical chair for dogs to Selfie contest for dogs. And it was pure bliss to see the dogs perform like small kids.

Probably for the first time i saw so much love all around. Even animals communicate better than humans with the language of love. check out these clicks to live those puppylicious moments






And here is one with the gang ( And trust me it was not easy to make the humans and pets in the camera in one go. But it was perfectly okay as they were not here to get clicked they were here just for Fun, and they had oodles of it for sure.


So as most of us eagerly wait for the grand show on 17th Dec, dont miss out on smaller fun stuff happening day and day out by PETFED Team.



Hearken Cafe – Let your hands echo your words


“Passion is born deaf & dumb ” -Honore De Balzac

And Hearken Cafe is one such place where i felt the best & most beautiful moments in life cannot be spoken or written they are only experienced and cherished.You can place your order without speaking as well.

By far this place has touched more than just my taste buds, a place that truly is beyond the food on flatter, a visit that  you relish and cherish for the memories made.

As you enter the 119 building this place is right on the top ,as it ought to be with a rooftop.

Everything under the sun is beautiful and extra bright and this place says it loud out here with a lot of natural light that not only lifts up your day but also your heart. The owner of #HearkenCafe “Ms Smriti Nagpal “(a forbes awardee, Devi Awardee and an awardee at 100 Women )”-feeds on her passion for the deaf community and she has been working with the community ever since she was 16, with over a decade of working with the community this is her second business venture that goes to make a lot of noise by simplifying the sign language and making this place a point to hang out with the silent people who truly proves  ” If speech is Silver , silence is #Gold”. Along with her partner in crime “Virat Suneja is the other cofounder & brain behind this cafe , he graduated from Cyprus and then did his masters in hotel and tourism management. Virat had interned with LeMeridien before handling operations for  Solang valley resort .Smriti and Virat are first cousins and this proves when Sibblings work together they do miracles , Everything at Hearken cafe is straight from the heart of these 2.


The Team Fantastic 4 of Hearken on left


When the hands speak and the heart listens – and a order is taken


Learn as you eat

So as I entered I was  given a warm welcome by the sun rays coming straight from the windows and litting up the entire place, a place that gives you a lot of space because of the sitting arrangement , and is a deaf-run cafe/ co-working space located in Shahpur Jat,an urban village of Delhi serving fusion food bringing together flavors of Europe. And was lucky enough to be attended by none other than the creators themselves – Ms Smriti & Virat.



The people who commute in sign language are up with a smile to get you a seat of choice and food you wish to have all this while you can also pick up a bit of sign language. And they also promote that you come over and just have good time without having to speak too much, so a place to unwind out the noise and choas of the city. A place that has a Echo of its own, poised with so much peace.

So here is  a quick look at food that i could explored during this visit


Nutella shake & Southern Mango twist (A must to have for mango lovers )


Spaghetti meatballs with spicy tomato concasse


Simply Veg Pizza


Tex  Mex Bhel picco de gallo

Beyond food 

So while this is a socially responsible place , on this visit of mine i could explore the following

“#ATTARI “- connects beyond borders. Attari is a village in Punjab touching the borderline with Pakistan. It is where the founder’s family roots extend , making the woven wall hangings very personal . This is shown with the connection of threads, bringing out the art to adorn your homes .


#Atulyakala is a lifestyle brand and a design house run by deaf artists which gives back. A large part of the proceeds from sales go towards the education of deaf and mute students at our training centre. Atulyakala aims to empower the 18 million deaf and mute people of India by providing employment, educating deaf students and spreading awareness about Indian Sign Language.


The bags on display were a great collection a combination of fabric and leather priced at Rs. 500/- onwards is definitely a good pick.

Sugar Binge : everything sweet and sugar to binge on by Prerna Jain – a  Home baker North Delhi who deals into customised eggless cakes , cupcakes , desserts.The cute little display with sweet little samplers of cup cakes was a sweet attraction and  while we were talking the sampler serving kept adding sweetness all around.They bake with lot of love and take orders over calls with at least a week of lead time for customised cakes.


Since this place is designed to create a co-working space so the entire set up has been done in that manner, and the food is really delicious, So a visit to this place is definitely recommended for a soulful experience. So explore your heart out at Hearken Cafe 

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Food to EAT to fight Pollution


While most of the Delhi residents are worried with the increasing and alarming pollution levels, the easiest cure can still be found in the food we have as our daily nutritional diet. As they say Prevention is better than cure but preventing all the pollutants to enter our system seems  difficult in the current scenario lets see what food we can include in our diet to flush out the pollutants / toxins or at least reduce their effect.

As per The World Health Organization (WHO), pollution is the 5th  leading cause of death in India, after high blood pressure and tobacco smoking. WHO says Delhi’s air quality is worse than Beijing – a city where rising levels of air pollution has brought about a new disease — Beijing cough lets not get there in Delhi.

Pollution damages our lungs and liver the most and these 2 needs the maximum care to neutralize free radical damage caused by air contamination.

So while there is very less we could do , least fixes are to follow a  Right diet ,go one Detox plan  and do Breathing exercises at least once a day.

Lets quickly review what are these foods

Broccoli :  Pollution or no pollution ,Winter or no winter, add broccoli to your daily diet. This wonder veggie, apart from being a great cancer combatant and lowering body weight, goes a long way in protecting you from air and vehicular pollution, according to a study at Johns Hopkins University. And if you don’t like the taste than here a quick recipe to help you gulp it ( Click here  )


Lemon & Amla  : Vitamin C is single most potent antioxidant for our body.This water soluble vitamin is present throughout our body and it scavenges on free radicals and is also known to contribute into regeneration of vitamin E. Lemon and Amla are a great source of vitamin C, include both of them to level up at least 40 mg of this Vitamin requirement of our body. At least consume one Lemon a day.

Green leafy vegetables : Most of us hate this but little we could do to consume these, so include Spinach (Not so Palak Paneer ),amaranth ,Fenugreek , radish leaves and coriander to your diet daily. All these foods are good on Beta Carotene and are loaded with anti oxidants and known to control inflammation.Don’t miss to wash them well as most of the Delhi grown vegetables ought to be high on pollutants. and washing them with warm water at least helps reduce the surface pollutants.

Almonds and Nuts : Almonds, Walnuts  and Nuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids thus help the body to rejuvenate and fix the damage. even walnuts, chia seeds and flax seeds are good in omega 3 fatty acids.


Kale : Kale leafs / Leaf cabbage is one of the easy food. In a 100 gram serving, raw kale provides 49 calories and is a rich source (20% or more of the Daily Value, DV) of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate, and manganese . Kale is a good source of thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, vitamin E and several dietary minerals, including iron, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Kale looses most of its nutrients when cooked so it’s ideal to  consume it uncooked and one way to do this is just  pick up a handy  pack from The Green Snack Co ,they are available in 3 flavors of your choice to make munching easier – Thai sweet chilli, Onion& cheese  & Sea salt & Vinegar.

Fenugreek seeds & Mustard Seeds  : These are also rich in Omega 3 FATTY Acids thus are very helpful, while mustard seeds can be used in most of the food as a spice , or can be consumed in pickles, Soak fenugreek overnight and have it in the morning for detox.

Jaggery : Jaggery had been in use for long and most of the people working in fields use to consume jaggery to eliminate dust particles from the body which they inhaled while working. So this is the easiest food on your rescue during this pollution. include it daily in your diet. and it will also help you relieve from dry and cold cough, just mix onion juice in jaggery and consume.


Tulsi Leaves : No wonders this plant is so important it is loaded with medicinal properties and is at your recuse in cold , cough, building body’s immunity and now from pollution. just eat 4-6 leaves in the morning or use it in tea or even curd.


Ginger : This is the first thing that hits us as we get on winter tea, a cup of ginger tea is a great relief from cold and cough, and so it is from pollution.include it in your diet if you don’t like tea , drink it with hot water and honey.


Turmeric : known for its healing properties Turmeric is one of the best thing we have in kitchen that is out for our rescue. Its antioxidant properties helps protect lungs from toxic effects of pollutants. Mix Turmeric with honey / Jaggery / butter / ghee and this helps most of the respiratory problems.


Tomatoes : Your diet should also include lots of fresh tomatoes as they have lycopene, an antioxidant that protects against respiratory illnesses. A bowl of fresh , hot Tomato soup is a great way to consume them or have them in salad or just add few tomatoes to your daily juice routine with carrots.


flaxseed :Flaxseed has high levels of phytoestrogens and omega 3 fatty acids. Phytoestrogens have anti-oxidant properties that help to reduce the symptoms of asthma and other allergic reactions. You can take flaxseed daily in smoothies, salads or add it to your baked foods.


avocado : Studies shows that  avocado is extremely rich in vitamin E, and this property can help to counteract the effects of certain types of particulate pollution.



Olive oil : Alpha-tocopherol, the vitamin E contained in olive oil, improves lung function. The fatty acids contained in olive oil are also helpful for reducing inflammation. The best way to ingest olive oil and get maximum benefits is through your salads as salad dressing.Cooking in olive oil kills most of the nutrients so consume olive oil and olives raw only.


So while you still can wear mask to protect yourself , stay at home or work from home to avoid exposure to the pollutants, instal air purifier at home or plant more trees / green plants with  ability to purify air , Food still makes the easiest cure and what you eat defines how you respond to the undo the damage. So eat healthy and stay healthy.







All for Tea at Tea festival at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 

When you love coffee more in a cafe than tea, than you usually miss out checking  on tea options on offer at the Coffee cafe.So while I stepped in “The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf ” at the mall this morning to have my regular cappuccino, I spotted this board right at the entry.

These days along with good coffee I am also exploring tea collection , Tea menu and serving style in these kind of cafes and I am always in for a surprise and in this case it was the price too of the handcrafted Tea collection on offer.

A variety of 11 kinds of handcrafted tea on offer 

  • Chai
  • Vanilla Ceylon
  • English breakfast
  • Earl Grey
  • Tropical jasmine
  • Assam tea
  • Lemon cardamom
  • Moroccon Mint
  • African Savior
  • Swedish Berrie’s
  • Darjeeling estate

Available with an add on of 4 option at a price of 20/- each 

  • Lemon honey 
  • Tulsi honey 
  • Ginger honey
  • Cinnamon honey 

 Though I was alone still thought of opting for teaPot that has 2 cups and priced at Rs. 85/- inclusive of Taxes. Of course not for having 2 cup of tea early morning but more for having a look at the presentation. 

Since it was 11 am and the store has just opened so there wasn’t much rush here and therefore I asked the barista if I can record the process while he is preparing my tea, to which he agreed and I was delighted with the hygiene factor he was taking care of. Each and everything was sterilised with a flush of hot water and high pressure steam. 

He filled the filter of the kettle after cleaning up everything and poured hot water, left it to brew to a perfect taste while he prepared the milk.

And I went to wait for my black tea and  with milk tea. While he came with my tea it had a aroma so good with a perfect color. So one cup I made it with ginger and honey infusion and added milk to the other cup with sugar for milk wali chai. ( check out the video – https://www.instagram.com/p/BLvDjJMjutG/

And both the options were just perfect to my taste. The black tea with honey and ginger infusion  was light sweet and a strong tea flavor with a pinch of cinnamon. 

The milk was very thick that imparted a very good color to the tea almost similar to what we get in a homemade tea. And I had it with brown sugar. 

The quantity in the tea pot was sufficient for making  2 cups. And the tea remained to perfect temperature while I made it and had my tea.

And I had 2 cup tea at the price less than a coffee at The Coffee bean & tea leaf. 

So if you are a tea lover then  you simply need to go out and visit this outlet for your love for tea and drink it as per your choice black tea or with milk and don’t miss to take along ur friends as this is not going to cost you much either. Less than Rs. 50/- for a cup, Tea can’t get better than this. 

And this festival is around till December so winters are definitely going to be fun at The Coffee Bean & Leaf tea.

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The Food Abode : Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar at GK 

“Gastronomica” is a Spanish word that stands for Food and this place was  truly an abode of good food. Located in M block market it’s a fun place to hangout at.

Loved the ambience and the way entire sitting was done, quite a lot of efforts put in the details. And each corner has its own appeal be it inside sitting or the balcony sitting

A place that serves Chocolate shakes is always one of my favorite. And this one had 2 of my favorite things on menu one of course you guessed it right Death by chocolate , a chocolate shake and another Paan based drink – virgin paan and gulkand Mojito.

And here’s the other one which was really nice but probably the straw was wrong. As it was actually difficult to sip the gulkand through this straw. All paan lovers will simply love it. Quite liked the efforts in experimenting with Paan.

Started off on starters with raw banana kababs and the presentation was simply more than appetizing.

But I still have something for dahi based kabab and this Kadak Papad Kabab was stuffed with Spinach and coated with roasted papad fried to perfection and of course great on taste and presentation.

And how can a vegetarian not have Paneer in starters. So cream cheese Paneer tikka was just a perfect pick with a overdose of Paneer.

One more thing that I tried for the first time was Tandoori Jackfruit and quite liked it since I love Jackfruit.

Moving on to main course,  I think when one is in love with a particular cuisines you always end up having almost same stuff in vegetarian. So here is my pick Dal makahni and Paneer kaliya in the main course. And both the dishes were simply amazing. Had a really yummy Paneer dish in mains after a very  long time. And just loved it.

I literally waited for the desserts like anything as I have spotted this Dish ” Green Apple Beetroot Halwa” , and since we hardly find people who like beetroot,  I was seriously looking forward to this one,  and here it came with Red apples though but tasted yummy.

And was very very close to gajar ka halwa if I was blind folded and was asked to have this dish I would have guessed it gajar ka halwa. So this is definitely my strongest recommendation from their dessert menu.

So overall a great dining experience with nice Mocktail and starters options. And very nicely done sitting space. Do visit sometimes.
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Food from East streaming Live in East Delhi at Leela 

The culinary Journey of flavors and food across the Grant trunk road ends in Kolkata.When it comes to east of India,  probably we all think of West ( best)  Bengal as one of the places as an oodle of great food. A amalgamation of different culture,  an entry point to world famous cuisines and a place that is beyond just food, it’s a way of life. From street food to the royal cuisine every kind of food holds a lot of value in this culturally rich city.

So here we are at Delhi 32,  The restaurant in the hotel Leela in East Delhi bringing together handpicked delicacies from Kolkata. This is the last leg of the food festival at Leela and the chefs have not only sourced authentic ingredients from Kolkata but have stayed briefly in Kolkata to curate this amazing menu.  So it’s all the way from Kolkata with loads of  love.The team has done an amazing job of creating Kolkata live and you have to visit this to believe it.

The famous Howrah bridge is one of the iconic places in Kolkata and same goes with the yellow taxis and the very famous 🚊 Tram train.

Even the handpulled rickshaw is a common site in few parts of Kolkata and when I lasted visited this city all I remember is the sound of Tram like a hurricane and these petite looking rickshaw pullers. And off course the soandesh at Haldiram near airport. 

The entire set up creates the perfect stage for this culinary tour to the food from Kolkata. and probably that’s the first time I felt so much is being missed out if you switch to vegetarian food. But nevertheless you can still see few of the dishes from the pictures. 

We started the food ride with JhalMuri and Ghondoraj ghol, for a treat to eyes here is a quick shot of it.

Well Jhal Mori is the Bengali bhehpuri and the distinctive ingredient in Bengali version is the use of raw mustard oil that gives it a hard hitting taste. And this is really yum the taste in tinge hits your senses like anything. Coming to the ghondoraj ghol as the name suggests it’s a drink made of thick whey with Peels of ghondoraj ( large form of a green lemon) and in vegetable starters we had Alloo chop, vegetable chop and mochar cutlets everything deep fried and crispy. 

Getting on to the main course since its a buffet so the list of food is endless but then have what makes a sense to you. Like my plate shows 2 dishes that is Dhokar Dalna well this is one of the very special dish and made of Channa dal can be referred as the dhokla of east and the only difference it’s not steamed but fried. And then made into a curry fish refered as Dalna in Bengali. Aaloo Posto is made with khas. 

Cholar dal complemented with luchi and Khorishutir kachori and mugalai parantha stuffed with mutton 

And the Paranthas looked super yummy and crispy outside and loads of filling inside. now as promised some treat to non veg lovers 

Bhetki paturi that’s a fish preparation in banana leaf.

Moving on to the yummy dessert this is the festival to be from over dozens of dessert options it’s simply impossible to just pick one. on the plate you can see Pantua that’s the Bengali version of Gulab jamun only difference is shape so this one is more like a doughnut and also it’s served cold versus our warm or hot gulab jamun. Nothing can beat freshly made sondesh in its original flavor while I had a hell lot of flavors while I visited kolkata and Payesh which similar to our knees.

And of course Misti doi is like the best ever version of milk. I simply love it and having it in earthen pot is like a super treat to a Misti doi lover. And I literally had two 😀

Now while we were done with food,  we were greeted by the Pan wala stall serving freshly made customised Pans. 

One thing that I really admired about this place was the detailing in creating the entire concept of Kolkata to let the food journey come alive. Starting from the ushers dressed in Bengali tradinal wear to the entire Kolkata set up  , enough of selfie and photo corners.

The cutest part was the Howrah bridge 🌉 and the cute little yellow taxis like the minions on the road.

Now about the festival : Kolkata food festival has curated menu from the city of kolkata that is served as dinner. The entire set up is done in the open air with plenty of mist fans to keep you calm and add the coastal breeze to add to the theme and the evening. The dinner comes for Rs 1535 plus taxes and trust me it’s a steal deal for the kind of food they have on offer. 

Bonus for people with Kids there is no charge for kids under 12 years of age. 

And most important 15th April is the last date , and I know you will miss on this so be happy it’s till 16th April. But done miss to visit it for your love for food more so if you love Bengali cuisines. 

And just for record all this Gyan is coming from our campanion on our table Mrs Mamta. 

If you miss it then you will seriously miss some serious and delicious kolkata food.

 Dine in the woods at Jungle Jumboree

Few places have everything in there name and this is no brainer to decode What I am going to talk about when I am at a place called Jungle Jamboree. 
So when Jamboree literally means a large celebration of gathering of people generally a lavish one with a lot of noise and fun. This place was a quiet place with loads of food to create noise in your tummy. This is a jungle themed restaurant in Logix City centre Noida on second floor.

Have a look at the setting of this place,  I am sure it’s like a walk in the enchanted woods for little ones, lush green all around with lot of wild animals on the walls. 

Even the chairs were made painted with theme.

The table are barbeque enabled therefore what you will truly enjoy is the Ambience with jungle theme and Smell of burning coal and aroma of barbeque on your table satiating your taste buds. 

The place is serves Ala-carte, along with  Buffet lunch and dinner. Lunch starts at 12:30 and serves till 3pm serving 7 course meal. During lunch the mocktails are included in the package while for dinner you have to pay separately.

That’s the bar in the woods.

So have a look at the starters  I hogged on.

The serving starts from the home made papad and dips along with chutney. These mini chunck of papad keep you busy while the barbeque is getting ready.

The entire lunch was spread across 7 courses 

  1. First course :Chat & More 
  2. Second course : Soups & Salads 
  3. Third course : Indian Appetizers
  4. Fourth course : Global Appetizers
  5. Fifth course : Indian mains
  6. Sixth course : Global mains
  7. Seventh course : Desserts 

So the first starter that came was my all time favorite golgappa chat filled with loads of chutney and curd. Just the way I love it.

Followed by Pizza, kababs, American corn shots,honey lotus stems.

So the food kept coming but I only picked and clicked what I wanted to have. 

The main course , soups and salads was set on the buffet.

I love sticking around to Indian mains when it’s an option. And just loved the Dum aloo and kurkuri bhindi and even the Briyani was too good.

Have a look at my plate,  not to miss the additional servings that I took of Dum aloo.

And in the end comes the best, yes the desserts. The best part about buffet desserts is that you can have whatever you like along with repeated servings and off course you can have it as any course like start with desserts.

So overall a great jungle experience with loads of good food. And they also have dedicated section on level 2 and then another area as aqua that depicts marine life 

Check out the marine area and theme here is blue.

The best part about this place which I kind of noticed for the first time at a restaurant were the Air purifiers. The white boxes are actually air purifiers.

So explore the jungle safari with some really delicious food amoung the woods. A great place to go with kids and a huge gang as this place is truly pocket friendly. 
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Baris : A peaceful Fine dine Mediterranean retreat

Just launched in the Capital city Delhi,  this Mediterranean cuisine is a great destination for a cozy evening, a romantic dinner getaway from the hustle of daily routine and great fine dine hang out option for some family time with food that is truly outstanding and cuisine authentic to the core. 

“Baris” meaning peace in Turkish,  this place truly stands for it with an Ambience that’s completely in sync with it. 

Lots of sign board but still you might not find it that easy to locate this place if you have not been to this place earlier. This new restaurant on block is just next to Zoe in GK 2 and the operational hours are 12:oo to 3:30pm and then 6-12:30 am meaning only lunch and dinner experience so be careful of time  while you drop in here. And if you are fond of open air sitting then evenings are the best place here. Open air terrace sitting for ur kind of space with hookah.

Loved the interior of this place giving it a classic royal touch with lots elements with modern yet antique look.A look that is inspired by the cuisine it caters from Mediterranean to Turkish to Middle East.

Coming to the food which was 10 on 10.Started off with mocktails and opted for the Frozen Baris ( must have rule,  try the thing that has name of the restaurant in it) 

Serving starts with these dips – Almond taratora,Olive oil pomoglazed dressing,  Dill (pulses) and cucumber dip  along with a bread basket.

Some mocktails before we start hogging on to food. So this one I had was more like a slush with salted glass. And served with fresh berries.

Moving to the delicious food we tried but even before we could we were served with palate cleanser and the only condition Manish mentioned while serving it to us was “have it one shot like shots“.

Mereimek Corbasi

A Turkish version of soup , this is made of traditional red lentil ( masoor dal without chilka ) with glazed onion and croutons. Just to clarify croutons are sauteed rebaked bread served with soup and this one had some caramalised onion with a slice of lemon.

Cigar Borek – don’t worry that’s not for smoke but it’s a very very delicious dish that derives its name inspired by its appearance that looks like a cigar. These are crispy cigar rolls with filling of feta cheese,  caramalised onion , parsley  is served with a cacik sauce. And trust me this is a must try dish here. Perfectly crispy and with a yummy filling within ,tastes amazing with Cacik sauce.

So what is cacik sauce,  well it’s a Turkish preparation with curd. A refreshing dish that usually an appetizer or  used as a dip on a plate of salad. Very refreshing on hot summer days as it has cucumber, mint,  garlic and olive oil. And this sauce is served with a lot of dishes here.

Spinach Fatayer: well while you look at this it might look like a member from the family of Indian samosa but Fatayer is actually a Middle East meat pie that can be alternatively stuffed with spinach. So vegetarian version was stuffed with spinach ( Sabanekh) and feta cheese (Jibnah). Fatayer is a part of Arabian cuisine and eaten in Iran,palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. It may also be referred  as Fitiir. This is also served with cacik sauce.

So these triangles are nothing close to our samosas as they have a very thin and extremely crisp outer layer and not at all filling like our samosa so a perfect pick to start with but don’t blame me on deep fried stuff though having a spinach filling ,it is still good for health but not so much. But you are here to eat so indulge. Relish the food and let calorie count take a back seat.

Mantar Yahnisi

So yet another Turkish dish , it’s sauteed mushroom with onions, garlic ,thyme balsamic glaze Parmesan served with hummus and lavash crostini, well Crostini are Italian appetizers small breads with thin slices grilled and toasted. It’s a good dish but don’t try it if you are not up-to an Turkish mushroom dish. Though it tasted really good when had all together.

Izgar Paynir 

So we went by chefs recommendation for this Paynir ( read it Paneer ) dish it’s basically herb crusted grilled Paneer roasted with tomato sauce and pamo glaze.

Woddo Paynir

This is yet another Paynir dish ( akka paneer  – cottage cheese as they write it).

Grilled Paneer served on mahogany noodles and spicy tomato creams sauce. Trust me it was a dynamite of great taste. Perfectly spicy and a hint of sweet to balance the spice and delicious noodles.

Sebzile Pide : Turkish veg pizza 

Pide is the  most popular slow cooked fast food,  basically a snacks in Turkish cuisine.In few rural areas people make the filling and take it to a baking shop to get it baked.

Grilled veggies with fresh herbs baked with mozzarella and feta cheese.

So how is it different than our regular pizza? Well, at the site of it you can say it’s the shape. But trust me it’s a bit different in taste too off course its delicious.

Well literally  enough of food well that’s what I said to my mind while moderating my portion sizes to keep up with my diet. So let’s move to desserts.

Pumpkin Catalana

Caramel braised honey pumpkin infused vanilla citruses burned sugar crust and raspberry sorbet that’s what it derives its color from. While people liked it as it was served but for me it tasted better after the ice cream started melting. 

Crema De chocolate

This is a great at site dessert and I think half of the eating is done with eyes. Rich chocolate mousse with raspberry and Turkish coffee and Hazel nuts from the Chefs hometown. And trust me I was sold to this dish the moment it mentioned chocolate and coffee. ( coffee lover u see ). Don’t believe me , have a look for yourself.

Baklava Duo 

Hand rolled pillo dough baked in walnut and pistachios and then soaked in cinnamon syrup and topped with home made clotted cream. You may find this closer to our Indian desserts like sakkar paare.

So overall a great experience  at this Mediterranean, Turkish & Middle East cuisine and don’t miss to meet the Master Chef here off course he is from Turkey and that’s why we have so many authentic Turkish dishes on the menu and let me tell you the Chef is really a very candid person just like the presentation of his dishes ,with good looks ( read Handsome 😍 ) so that’s Chef Sahib Ibis the curator of all the menu.

So boss ek selfie toh banti hai,  after all Turkey is on my bucket list on the International destination to go to. So all the more reason now to explore more yummy food from Turkey.

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Flat Rice Noodles with Fresh Herbs 🌿

Foodhall in association with Singapore Embassy hosted  a fun-filled masterclass Celebrating the  Singapore cuisine on  24th March’17 at Foodhall DLF Place Mall Saket,  New Delhi.

The masterclass was hosted by chef Prince and a total of 3 recipes were on Live Demo. Of the three dishes I just loved  Flat rice noodles with fresh herb. And therefore here you go with the recipe from the Live Demo 

Main Ingredient : 1 pack Koka flat Rice noodles ( soak in warm water to soften) 

Other Ingredients

  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

For Herb and olive mix 

  • 3 tablespoon fresh parsley
  •  6  chopped Cloves of garlic
  • Thinly sliced 1/4 cup green olives
  • 4 canned artichoke( bite size pieces)
  • Freshly cracked blackpepper
  • Rocksalt to taste 
  • 12 cherry tomatoes halved 
  • 1 cup olive oil


Heat up the non stick pan and add olive oil. 

Fry garlic till fragnanat 

Add flat rice noodles and rest of the ingredients and lightly toss and fry for 3-4 minutes. 

Season to taste and serve immediately

Dessertarian Fest : Sweetness overloaded

These days capital is flooded with food festivals from The Grubs to Asian Hawkers market to The Palate to mini Palate to the Food truck fest etc etc,  in fact there are multiple seasons of each of these festival just like fashion shows. 

While #SelectCityWalkMall hadhosted multiple food festivals in the past and had been a great choice for smaller formats of many fests and Events which have grown big to move to bigger venues. #Dessertarianfest by far one of the sweetest of them all, after all it’s a dessert fest so it ought to be one. 

From cutely done chocolate counters to Ice creams to doughnuts to cup cakes to brownies to buntas to chuskies to cakes and shakes this place had it all loaded with live music and a lot of fun activities with loads of sweet treats to be won as goodies here. 

You will truly love this fest if you are one amoung these 

  •  A person who loves sweets 
  • A person has sweet tooth as the only tooth.
  • A person who starts with menu from back to front.
  • A person who is happy when dinner starts with desserts ( read something sweet)
  • A person who is born to eat.
  • A person who does not have a favorite in desserts, you just love them all.

So have a look what all this place had in offer for you

Coming to what we had 

Kiwi ice cream roll from Lets Roll it’s a ice cream preparation on the plate with liquid nitrogen.

Water melon ice creams at Let‘s Roll 

Our favorite waffle with vanilla cream and banana at #Waffles&Crepes

What was fun thing here was the entire lane from old delhi serving everything sweet from the lanes of food capital. 

And see where we found maximum number of people,  well on the counters which were serving something not so desserts

And this was a fun place where you can win a goodie too 

I tweeted and got a dessert jar 

So overall a great experience for the sweet foodie in me. And ek baar jana toh Banta hai yaar.

One thing that was common across the fest was everything is sweet and off course droolworthy after all you are in a dessert fest so smile and hog on to your kind of dessert.