Summer gets sweeter at Baris 

If you have a sweet tooth or you love everything sweet. Or may be you are like me who loves to hog on to desserts first before I move to main food, then Baris awaits your visit to indulge your taste buds into a sweet temptation.

A menu that is curated by their chef Mr. Sahib Ibis, the entire range of summer dessert is loaded with summer cool ingredients, that represents the perfect blend of hand picked summer fussion  dishes. And the portion sizes are so indulging that you won’t mind those extra calories.

Best part of the food at Baris is that it marinated the food much longer to achieve the perfect blend of spices and taste unlike the over cooking that we generally do while making food, that you end up getting the taste of spices only.


And even I felt the extension of this in their summertime sweetness Dessert menu as well.Let me take you to the sweetest culinary trip to the dessert on offer this summer at Baris


1.) Aam Lava ( Rs. 325) : in case you could follow my last blog on Baris or have been to this Mediterranean dining then you need no introduction to the best item on their dessert menu,  yes it’s Baklava. And Aam Lava is a mango infused traditional Baklava that is served with mango cinnamon syrup.  And a presentation to die for. Don’t  believe check this out. And a mango flavored muse over it, garnished with dry fruits.

And Nothing gets better when the MasterChef  Chef Sahib Ibis from Turkey  serves it to you.  It’s ought to be extra sweet. Got lucky second time to be served by the curator himself, with his million dollar Turkish smile,


2.) Figamisu ( Rs. 325) : Well this is a version of Tiramisu with a blend of figs,  savoiardi cookies layered with mascarpone cream. And look at the presentation isn’t it difficult to control. This is devilish for sure.

3.) Twisty Turkish Delight ( Rs. 275)  : So as the name goes it’s a Turkish dessert made with carrots, Coconut, walnuts and Cinnamon. And this is one dish you will definitely want to order again.


4.) Kazan dibi Muhallebi ( Rs. 275) : Yaa that’s the name probably the most exotic  and is the lightest dessert on the menu on sweet quotient and taste too. It’s caramalised milk pudding with mastic & seasonal fruit salad. It had mango so for me it was the perfect pick. Chilled fruit salad on such a creamy and light base tasted simply yum.



5.) Shambali (Rs. 275)  : Last one on the list but not any less. Yes wheat semolina orange pound cake with cinnamon salted caramel & Vanilla ice cream on the top. This is pure Bliss. An ultimate dessert to dig into.


So what are you waiting for,  visit this inspired Mediterranean dining place for these incredibly irresistible dessert option for a completely satiating meal.

where you Ask ?

Baris Restaurant

Building 3, Local Shopping Complex, Mazjid Moth, Greater Kailash (GK) 3, New Delhi

011 49045330

011 49045331

( Pre booking recommended )

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The Food Abode : Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar at GK 

“Gastronomica” is a Spanish word that stands for Food and this place was  truly an abode of good food. Located in M block market it’s a fun place to hangout at.

Loved the ambience and the way entire sitting was done, quite a lot of efforts put in the details. And each corner has its own appeal be it inside sitting or the balcony sitting

A place that serves Chocolate shakes is always one of my favorite. And this one had 2 of my favorite things on menu one of course you guessed it right Death by chocolate , a chocolate shake and another Paan based drink – virgin paan and gulkand Mojito.

And here’s the other one which was really nice but probably the straw was wrong. As it was actually difficult to sip the gulkand through this straw. All paan lovers will simply love it. Quite liked the efforts in experimenting with Paan.

Started off on starters with raw banana kababs and the presentation was simply more than appetizing.

But I still have something for dahi based kabab and this Kadak Papad Kabab was stuffed with Spinach and coated with roasted papad fried to perfection and of course great on taste and presentation.

And how can a vegetarian not have Paneer in starters. So cream cheese Paneer tikka was just a perfect pick with a overdose of Paneer.

One more thing that I tried for the first time was Tandoori Jackfruit and quite liked it since I love Jackfruit.

Moving on to main course,  I think when one is in love with a particular cuisines you always end up having almost same stuff in vegetarian. So here is my pick Dal makahni and Paneer kaliya in the main course. And both the dishes were simply amazing. Had a really yummy Paneer dish in mains after a very  long time. And just loved it.

I literally waited for the desserts like anything as I have spotted this Dish ” Green Apple Beetroot Halwa” , and since we hardly find people who like beetroot,  I was seriously looking forward to this one,  and here it came with Red apples though but tasted yummy.

And was very very close to gajar ka halwa if I was blind folded and was asked to have this dish I would have guessed it gajar ka halwa. So this is definitely my strongest recommendation from their dessert menu.

So overall a great dining experience with nice Mocktail and starters options. And very nicely done sitting space. Do visit sometimes.
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The Orb at RadissonBlu 

Lavish elegance, upscale styling with the bar counter right in centre,  done with very nice lights around the Bar table is the main highlight of this place, adding to the charm of the new kid on Block and has just opened.

An avant garde bar offering exotic drinks, appetizing food and foot-tapping music in a perfect setting of cosy corner sitting across sofas and couches. 

Well a Mocktail person is always a missfit in a bar, but still there is always something to look at from the non alcoholic drinks as well,  have a look.

Paris Dreams 

A Mocktail made of Ginger, apple juice, lime and ginger ale.

The Orb Love : A Mocktail made of pomegranate juice, Lime , mint and vanilla syrup, little sweet but that’s how it needs to be.

In search of Paradise 

Well that’s not what I am looking for but that’s what I had at The Orb, yes it’s a Mocktail by that name. Though would not call it paradise of mocktails  but yes in search of paradise for sure, made with peach,  apricot and ginger ale.

Getting on food, and off course vegetarian food,  herein are my picks.

Bruscheta rather I should be calling it mini Bruscheta , small in size but just the right size to fit in your mouth.

Loaded with fresh veggies was a good starter.

Being a hardcore Paneer love,  it’s a mandate to have at least one dish from paneer and picked Dakshini  Paneer ke tinkey. A mildly spiced and well marinnated Paneer served with green chutney. 

One serving had 6 pieces sufficient for 2 people.

Veg Kathi Roll

The filling was too good,  blame it to my Paneer Love  just loved this.

Kaffirelime scented corn fritters

A corn deep fried dish , order on your own risk. It tasted great with the sweet and tangy chutney but was quite heavy.

So just loved the “The Orb” experience. Very well designed space and a huge comfortable sitting. And my favorite place is just in the bar counter.

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The Junction – A Beautiful Stop Over 

When you go to a place that has lot of green around. A place that houses more flowers in the restaurant then the cutlery in its kitchen, lot of open space,  lots of platers and quite a few trees too.

This junction is a amalgamation of lots of cute little spaces done in a very beautiful way. Whenever I see some green area / lawn / garden / water body in a restaurant, the only thing that I have on my mind is that I am going to come back to this place with my kids.

This is one big place that is beautifully crafted and has so many small spaces to fall in love with the cuisines it houses. 

Getting to food well I started with my all time favorite virgin Pinacolada being a coconut and a pineapple lover this is always on my list. And virgin marry being the other thing that I ordered giving virgin Mojhito a break for a while.

How can one miss to have Peanuts and this peanut masala was just a perfect companion to my mocktails which were a overdose of sweetness.

Whenever I am out to eat the health freak me is always up to grab something healthy and therefore I tried the salad :”House of Caesar” – a quite palatable salad with loads of fresh and crispy lettuce in it.

Since I had the healty load first it was time to indulge in some real food so ordered for Spring rolls, mushroom galouti  and Dimsums.

First going to Dimsums , Lemongrass scented vegetables with chilli oil – well as the name suggested chilli oil the dimsum had a oily outer and as I was hungry I quickly jumped into and clicked latter. But the oily outer layer wasn’t that great. But completely my miss in picking up the right one for me.though aroma of the dimsuns mixed with lemongrass was very very appetizing.

Thai spring rolls 

Vegetables and Tofu chunks inside a thin crispy spring roll made this really really amazing,  again a warning to people on a diet. What was the beat thing about this dish was it was served with housemade chilli tomato sauce.

Mushroom Galouti

The cute little lacha parantha along with minced mushrooms Patty served with green chutney was pure indulgence and a lot to handle. Strong recommendation don’t order if you are alone. This needs a company to relish.

That’s all I had now have a look at other cute little places this place had.

That’s the house of bakery and coffee to indulge in. Have a look what one of the walls says for coffee lovers

Today is a hot cocoa kind of Day. 

Still in making the inside shot of Manga.

The house of Pizza’s – Pizzeria

Very different interior have a look at the inside shot.

Super cute place for your kind of American food,  potit veg for 190/- and Non veg for 220 /- served with a choice of dip.

Wine and Cedar a place to go for wines.

The menu is huge here and covers a lot of cuisines , so this is a place to come with friends and family , Sit back in the choice of sitting – high rise, sofa or normal chairs and enjoy the place and relish the food.

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Boheme Bar & Grill – my kind of place for Shakes 

Shakes and Bar should never be used in one line as the title of this blog does. 

While you visit a bar you never expect that it would amaze you with their shakes, well this place did exactly this to me.

When I came over in the evening around 4pm,  wasn’t up for lunch or dinner therefore started with Chocolate Blood bath,  and it was truly a chocolate bath in the glass. After having this tried another shake Kit Kat shake and that was equally awesome. If you don’t have a sweet tooth you might find this a bit sweet but for me this was just perfect. 

Since wanted to have something light so ordered for food in accordance. Tried 4 things 

# Veg Bruscheta

#Penne Arrabbita 

# Peri Peri chicken Pizza

# Tornado of cottage cheese

Veg Bruscheta is the lightest snack on their menu that is garnished with finely chopped fresh tomatoes  and black olives, very palatable with any kind of drinks.

Penne Arrabbiataa 

A perfect blend of arrabiataa sauce in Penne pasta, tastes yum with virgin Mojhito

Peri Peri chicken Pizza

A perfectly baked pizza with onion, green peppers , mushrooms and mozarell cheese and chicken. 

Tornado of cottage cheese

There are few dishes when you look at them then you are not able to judge whether they are good on quantity or only look like a big size to consume. 

This is definitely one of them which you can’t finish on your own.Have a partner in Food crime to order this. And off course a great pick for rice and cheese lovers. The Cottage cheese is grilled and layered with white sauce and tastes yum while rice makes this entire dish something to relish upon. And that’s just not enough the cheese and rice is served with saute vegetables and extra sauce. If you like white pasta then this is for you. 

After being stuffed with sufficient food we thought of treating our sweet tooth with some dessert and picked ice cream with chocolate sauce 

Overall a good on food and quiet balanced on your pocket with their pricing. A place to visit.The area where we were seated had the direct sunlight coming and that really made our experience worth it. 

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Maharaja Thali – A Royal treat at Vega CP


Vega Pure Vegetarian since 1980 ( thats precisely even before i was born )

If you are a vegetarian and on a food trail in the heart of Delhi – Connaught Place then you can head to this place without a second thought. A cozy corner spread across a floor with a comfortable chair sitting and dim lights yet sufficiently bright.


And if you are thinking what are the options to pick for lunch or dinner from a Vegetarian menu then be rest assured this is something you don’t have to worry upon. With their Maharaja Thali on the menu you just have to plan an evening or an afternoon out at Vega.


Entry to the Restaurant 

As we entered the staff at the reception helped us with a pre set table with their newly launched menu on the table. Without a thought we asked for a Maharaja Thali – And the royal feast started. As per their menu states it’s a tribute to royality, an elaborate dawaat (feast ) from the majestic region of northern india. There is a Maharani version of this thalli too if you want to save some extra bucks.



special Party space 

Starters & Beverage

It was hardly 5-7 minutes since we were seated on this corner table and the royal treat started with a cold milk based drink called THANDAI – and this was the best ever thandai that i had in CP. Perfect consistency  and mild sweet drink which was niether chilled nor hot just perfect cold.

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-25 at 12.58.02 PM (16).jpeg

Thandai a sweet way to start a meal

In the starters we were literally spoiled with choice –  Aloo Masala  & tandoori Soya chaap (not a part of thali) and a complete vegetarian platter which had option which you truly cant finish and mini samosha served with 3 different chutneys – Green chutney, red tomato sauce and a Tamarind chutney.


Samosa with a range of Chutneys -Small & Delicious 

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-26 at 8.08.03 PM.jpeg

Tandoori Soya Chaap 


Aloo Masala – Super spicy 


Veg Tandoori Platter 

So these samosas were really yummy and their size will not take you on a guit trip. Aloo masala true to their name was Super spicy, even if you remove the green chilli garnish still it will give you run for a glass of water so a perfect pick for people who love spicy food. Tandoori platter is something i would love to explain in details  – the portion size was really good and the combination was a perfect blend of taste and ingredients from spicy and crisp Tandoori mushroom , Paneer and soya chaap to mild and creamy broccoli complemented with scooped & stuffed tandoori aloo with a palate neutralizing salad to go with. The best thing about the Starters here was nothing was too oily, everything was very crispy.

And yes Tomato sorba was good too.

It was time for main Thali & it was a grand thali needless to say with an option of four veggies – Kadi , matar paneer , palak pakora  and gatte ki sabji , it had the salad bowl a bowl of fruits , dahi bhalla , a bowl of rice and a bowl of sewaiyaan



The bread basket was something to truly look for and it had options which were truly outstanding from a green chilli tandoori roti to ginger bread ( i had this for the first time and it was great for a troubled throat ), missi roti , palak roti and 2 options in poori as well from whole wheat poori and a palak poori. Keep a check what all you can consume and take the servings in accordance.


Green chilli Tandoori roti – must try 


Garlic Roti 


Multiple serving kits on the counter 

Now since we had Sewaiyan in this thalli we were really not expecting sweets after we were done with food, and here he came with asking for a choice of DESSERTS.

Options were – Gulab jamun , Kulfi and ice cream. we asked for a recomendation and he recommended kulfi and when it came it was worth a trial


Matka Kulfi – Perfect way to end a meal 

Well once we were done with our lunch and asked for bill, even the bill came in style like this


Paan , mouth freshner and tooth picks 

whats to look out in the Maharaja Thali 

  • Plan your portions well – budget how much you wish to consume what from starters to main course to desserts
  • Starters and Desserts are limited so you can get refill / second serve
  • Main course is unlimitted so can keep asking for unlimited food
  • A rule of one is applicable here, you cant share a thali. so only walkin if you are really really hungry else you will not get value for money as the Thali costs Rs. 545/- Plus taxes though right now it is for Rs. 500/- All inclusive. and its a great value for money deal
  • Take your time to have food as they are in no hurry either
  • Dont miss to give instruction for your preferences. they really take it well.
  • Dont ignore giving feedback as they are really serious about it
  • Dont be afraid to ask the preparation process or recipe of the food you like the staff is all pro to explain. I tried making Aloo Masala at home  and it came out well.


Overall a good vegetarian dining experience and a must try restaurant.


Follow them on Insta –

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Ivy & Bean Cafe : #Bean there

Best cafes are the ones which are being referred by friends. So this one came as a strong recommendation while having lunch at Out of box cafe in Gurgoan  early November by a colleague Varun Khanna who is a foodie too.

Since then I had this place in my #ToVisitList , here came the invite for a pre event for #PetFeb at #PuppyChino which was in the same building at 119 Shahpur Jat and another cafe #HearkenCafe that was opening its gate today. So when you are destined to visit a place , saari Kaynaat sajish main lag jati hai.


So while the pet fed event was gearing up and  I was amoung the few early ones so I thought of checking out this place for a quick coffee. Came to this place and was surprised to see this very well done space, with a lot of light and a combination of open air and closed sitting space. Furniture was really unique all done in white with a rustic look and floral upholstery made this place a girls space too with a touch of antique. sofas with cushions and straight chairs are designed to the lazy you.


The open space is done with sofa cum chair sitting all done in white with a lot of green outside (artificial plants ) to give this place a look of closer to nature, i wish to come back to this place on a rainy day for the view and smell while it rains. the mist fans and cooler must be keeping this place cool in summers.They are known for their Pan cakes and sandwiches, a delicious breakfast thats what the guy told me.




A quick look at food


Mocha with Mushroom Bagels


Loads of vegges – loaded with health


Yummy and filling

Since this is a coworking space so it offers free wifi for 3 hours as you come and do your office work and the staff came and told me on his own – “Mam, if you dont feel like going to office than please come over and work from here we offer Free wifi with coffee ” , I was like are you reading my mind.


Have your health dose as you eat with a range of Ice teas, coffee, shakes and mocktails this place has too much too offer and look at the pricing man. Three hours with that coffee life cant get better than this.



Flinders Lane Salad (Its a slightly warm Salad served with a hard boiled egg )


Mint ginger Ice Tea

In case you are not able to finish your food while working and need to rush out , they are very sweet in asking you to pack it for you.

All for your love for reading 

Now this woud ring bells to a lot of friends who are all the bookworms out there, this place is an ideal space to come over and pick up a book and read , in case you are not able to finish it , you can always rent it out to complete it and then return.


A Cupboard pull of Books is a delight for a reader


Coffee with the Books – Read it or rent it to finish it

sharing is caring, so in case you woud like to donate your books you can simply drop them here for others to pick up and read.

Good times are made of  coffee , books and a good ambience and this place rules it. So visit this place when you looking for any of the above.

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