Too Indian : Too much to shop 

So while everyone is hitting on the Innovative food that this place is serving. I am dead sure this place must be serving great food undoubtedly coming from the  makers of imly,  its ought to happen. So giving food a miss,  food2go4 decided to look around at this shoppers paradise on the first visit after the launch of this place.

And this place truly had too much to offer and everything too Indian. Too Indian is planned with an eye to every single detail. No wonder this place was conceived almost 11 months ago and the makers Mr. Varun Puri & Mr. Hemant  had nurtured this place really well more than what a mother could.

I had been hunting for a place where I can take my kids & engage them in something constructive & this place will do the job  of engaging and entertaining the kids. A sitting that is so comfortable & a place that is designed with a lot of nature around. 

Natural light lits up the place with a green view off the window.dont miss the real plants on the table.

Even the tissue says #GoGreen 

So let’s explore what all one can shop from the curated shopping options that are too desi at too Indian.

Home decor : so this place is super high on the cute little things for home decor and the best part is all of this is on sale at the store.  From planters to photoframes,  flower vase to jars. 

Kitchen ware at Too Indian 

Undoubtedly if this place serves food with a cult cutlery with a touch of nature into, so obviously it ll have a cult kitchenware. A mug for every mood and every size of drink. Colors to simply die for, I just loved the blue jug

And don’t miss the shapes of the mugs and off course the one for the little one too.

Even the pet bottles and the sippers are super cool. 

And yes they have various size of beer ūüćĽ mugs as well.. So pick one that suits ur personality and capacity.

Desi Cow ghee :

So if you are looking for pure cow ghee for performing pooja rituals or for normal consumption, don’t think twice. In case you are thinking why cow ghee then let me tell you cow ghee is more healthy than the normal ghee available in the market. As cow ghee has essentially nutrients, antioxidants, anti bacterial , antiviral and anti fungal so right now is the time to hit The too Indian restaurant and pick up your healthy dose. The assortment of ghee is by Vikrant Pawa. 



Oil free Pickles : Almost all of us had carried a tiffin to school with pickle oil literally giving a oil shower to our bag. Here’s a pickle that is oil free , well these are murabass.

Little farm pickle : so the options are Adarak Hari mirch,  jalapeno isn’t it interesting stuff.

Non veg Pickles  : yes I am serious, now a days there are a lot of restaurants who are already serving non veg pickles and here you have an option to pick a pack of your own. Rs. 200/ per jar and thats less than any non veg dish on a menu.

Namkeen,  Papads and more 

So you can pick up Nada Pakora,  ajwain Maddi, flavored Makanaswith Pudina , Curry leaves , Mullu murruku from food cloud.

Artisan Palate Sugar : I am sure you are wondering what a artisan Palate sugar is well so here’s your pick Cinnamon & Vanilla, Espresso dark chocolate, salted caramel. 

Artisan palate salt : just like sugar here you have salts again in lots of variants and all international like Italian herb & red wine vinegar, schezuvan pepper chilli.

Granola from  All Right: who doesn‘t know of the benefits of granola now pick a cute bottle loaded with nuts.Granola is a breakfast food and snack food consisting of rolled oats,honey nuts, honey or other sweeteners such as brown sugar and sometimes even puffed rice that is usually baked till crisp. So grab your  healthy breakfast now.

Spices (Masala)  If we are talking of Indian food and the thing that’s the most essential part of Indian cooking is the masala’s that are used in the kitchen. Sometimes I wonder probably ours are the only cuisine where if we have the widest range of spices. And no wonder there is movie with our miss world Aishwarya ” Mistress of spices “. So here are your cute masala packets fully Indian at Too Indian.

Kids space by Big Balloon : This is my sole reason to be in love with this place for my kids. The elephants are super cute available in 2 poses,  I had picked 2 on the day of inauguration and costed me 200 each while it is priced Rs. 250 each. The best part about these stuffies is that they can be colored by your little one. And they are washable removing all color and making it reusable. ( though I am yet to wash it since both of them don’t leave the ūüźės alone) 

Look at the colored version of my elephants ūüźė done by my little ones.

The other cute stuff for kids photoframes with pencils, minion Peggie bank, funky alarm clocks,  cute fans ,  just have a look.

Candies : well don’t go on the literal sense,  as of now it was the Amla candy. While you never know they start giving out candies as well. And these jars are little cuties ans reusable once you run out of the candies. 

Bakery & more : Munch it all from an assortment of cookies and baked madris , namakpara  from foodcloud, loads of assorted cookies in various colors and flavors from Mom Made and hey grain. These boxes are in the range of 200 to 300 and worth it for the quality may be not quantity. So for food thumbrule is go for quality.

And all these from Hey Grain has awesome variants for the oats lovers with peanut butter oats, Honey oatmeal, chocolate oatmeal and an almond options like almond biscuit.

Another option is from Home made and the variants are healthy. Gluten free and  mind blowing. They have rose fennel, ragi almond and pickle cookies and all this made with whole wheat.

The Gourmet Jar : if you love jams and preserves than you definitely have these wide jars to pick from “The Gourmet Jar ” and yet again there are multiple options to pick from like Mango Jalapeno for the Jalapeno lovers, Raspberry Strawberry preserve for the berry lovers. Priced at Rs. 275 /- these are natural,  pure,  handmade and with no chemicals.

So if you are going to Too Indian it’s a must to carry back a bit of Indianess with you back home. And most of the stuff is directly coming from the makers so pricing is something that they have already taken care of. “Khaane ka maaja khilane and Shopping ka maaja khaa K shopping Karke aane main.” So keep eating and keep shopping and you can do this at Too Indian. 

I have always loved the concept of Retail with food be it the jewellery section of Junglee Billi or the pop up shops at wok in clouds and other restaurants. But this one by far had the largest variety and everything getting equal Display space #NoDisparity 

Keep Shopping Stay Happy.

Quick & Easy butter toast with Maharaja Whiteline 

Being a working mom, I am always running  around and breakfast takes a backseat up in the morning. My little ones who are on summer break these days so now a days things are just other way around. It’s not me who is saying have breakfast first these days it’s them.

Just have a look what I had for breabreakfast today.
Butter Banana toast : two perfectly crisp toast done in Maharaja Whiteline auto toaster, Layered with pistachio butter on one toast, peanut butter on another toast, with a  layer of  honey  and banana cut in circles. Have a look.

Now let me tell you who did this yummy butter toast for me. 

Well this is done by my little 4 year old chipmunks twin daughters and how they did it is a simple step. They were watching me for so many days making the toasts and all they saw was I just switch this point on,  put the breads in it and lever it down and once the toast is done it pops out and I apply butter and give it to them. And they find it pretty simple to do. 
Have a quick look on how my little ones did it.

They are very carefull while placing the breads. They placed the breads before they switched on the toaster.

So that’s the toaster from Maharaja Whiteline with a Stainless Steel body from inside, that’s rust free and this is 2nd toaster I have. This one is placed right now on my breakfast table only. And the Auto timer is definitely at rescue for a lazy person like me.

Best part is it’s very easy to clean due to boarder bread cases.

So toasts and sandwiches are just any child’s play with Maharaja Whiteline.

Kids Food Festival at Pahmos

Ever since I started working in Gurgaon, I am constantly looking out for places where I can take my kids and have food too, so that I can have some good time with both of my favorite things – my kids and Food off course. And I reserve my weekend for pampering the lazy me so all this exploration happens during the weekdays.
On my way from office commuting from Gurgaon to Indirapuram, I have good 2+ hours to myself. So was just scrolling zomato where I came across this Food festival event update of Pahmos. And the creative looked exciting enough to plan a visit with the kiddos. As it is when we visited this place last time they did a lot of running around and playing with their tyre sitting which is really cool. So after Paprika & Readers cafe this place has become my another option to go for.

So here we are at Pahmos ‘ Kids Food Festival ‘ to have some good time and explore a menu that’s designed only for kids.

All my kids love here is so much colors and the cool sitting because they can get down easily on their own without having to ask mom to help them get down.

So moving on to food, the menu is quite elaborate with loads of options to pick from unlike other outlets serving only 2-3 options or just happy meals for kids.

Here there have created a lot of options. Have a look for yourself.IMAG5166

The kids menu has burgers, sandwiches, pizza’s, wraps, soft drinks , smoothies , shakes & off course desserts and there are multiple options in these to choose from. The entire food menu comes in veg & non veg options making it much easier to choose from as per your kids choice. The menu starts from Rs. 99/- goes up-to 199/- across veg & non veg options.

I picked up a Slider Box Burger. As this had a hash brown Patty in the kid burger served with French fries, ¬†lettuce & coleslaw. Priced at Rs. 99/- it’s a good pick.


So that’s all for kids, now let’s move on to what we had. Well this is my second visit to this place, so I am going to incorporate food that I had in this visit and what I had earlier.

Food from my first visit to Pahmos

Loved the ambience of this place. Sitting is designed keeping bigger family dine out or an outing point for bigger gangs. Red and golden color dominates the interior of this place.

So amoung the vibrant colored Ambience the welcome drink is also pretty colorful. Yes they do serve a welcome drink as you sat down to place your order.

# Thai Green Papaya Salad : I just loved Raw papaya in salads and the dressing of the salads also that enhances the taste,  and this one came with one of my favorite ingredients yes Peanuts. So for me it was the thing to have. Priced at Rs. 189/-

#Hummus Pita : Priced for Rs. 175/- homemade asparagus hummus is served with Pita breads.

# Mexican Taco : A taco with stuffing of ¬†toast Mexican beans and veggies served with a dip. It’s tangy so be careful before ordering it you can’t handle tang. Priced Rs. 189/-

# Streamed Momos : I just loved the presentation of food here it definitely looked more appetizing. So here’s the Veg momos priced at Rs. 129/-.

# Briyani Sizzler :This is  Briyani served over a sizzler with a streak of saute Paneer and veggies. Sufficient for 2 for main course. Priced at Rs.249/-

# Pan seared fish satay sticks : Priced at Rs. 299/- ,minced  Fish Satay sticks are served with a  creamy butter lemon dip and veggies.

So overall liked the food ordered and even the pricing it’s value for money. Order is going to take time so keep patience or order at once to save on time.

From my Visit 2

# Watermelon Feta cheese salad : This is my all time favorite salad since I just love watermelons. This one is loaded with walnuts making it great on taste and health. that’s what salad should be right!

#Baked stuffed potato : Half cut potatoes stuffed and served in four peices with a dips is a good pick for Potato and cheese lovers. Priced for Rs. 199/-

# Indian papri chat taco: ¬†yes you read it right, ¬†our very own street food is done into a taco with papadi chaat filling. It’s tangy & crispy serving 4 of such mini taco.just a good snack to have as starters. price Rs. 189/-

# Pahmos Special Burger :

This is a burger with double Patty with home made sauces. Let me put a disclaimer here don’t order it if you can’t handle it. Rs. 249/-

# Brown base dimsums & Streamed dimsums :  brown base dimsums are normal dimsums only difference is after stream they are further heated in a pan to turn the base brown. Price Rs. 149/-

Well you must be wondering I visited this place twice and didn’t had a dessert, ¬†so the reason is that we love the Pan shop at the ground floor therefore yet to explore the desserts at Pahmos.

Overall a good place to hang around and have fusion food. Great place for families, but do take care of time so if you in a hurry then go to a fast food joint. But if you want to spend time over good food then head to Pahmos without a thought.

First Floor, Indirapuram Habitat Centre, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad
Call – 0120 6888949
Open Hours : 12 Noon to 11 PM
FB Page –

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Midnight Food Delivery Sorted with

If you are working late or hanging out with friends late in the night , you simply tend to loose track of time amoung work or giggles and then clock stucks ¬†12 tunning into a new day and you suddenly start feeling hungry. Sadly there is no where to go and at this hour you don’t have heart to move your mom or wife to kitchen.So what you ¬†do,you look into the ¬†fridge and hog on to whatever you find and then you get on to biscuits, chips and Namkeen or whatever edible you get your hands on. Then Maggie comes to your rescue.

Not anymore, 

Yes Not anymore. 

So here is an exclusive night only service from , they saw this pain area and worked on it and is in the space of Night only food delivery. Isn’t it exciting.

Their kitchen starts at 7pm and goes on till 4am. And delivery starts at 8 pm onwards for the order that is placed at 7pm.

Let’s take a look at their menu, ¬†not very elaborate but just perfect for you to pick up stuff to your craving. Probably this is first menu which makes it easier to choose. And for Non veg lovers it can’t get better than this – chicken, pork,fish, lamb, Duck etc etc¬†

While going through their site I came across the word gourmet right on the home page and I knew the menu is going to be superlatively outstanding. Dudleys has evidently kept these staples in mind while creating their menu. I have never seen such a menu for late night delivery and the way they have played with the ingredients is seriously amazing with lot of exotic cheese being used.

So what did I ordered. 

I was tempted by their shakes , especially the ingredients and colors.So health on my mind I ordered for a Avocado shake & a Celery & apple shake.

And trust me one was more than they were quite thick & fibrous.

Since I wanted  have a shake,  I ordered for a Burger box for my friend. And this was a jumbo burger with French fries and dips. We have ordered for a Veg Burger a barbeque potatoe wedges that are made in their kitchen done in a sauce that again made in house. And the size is really to watch out for.

And another meal in a bowl for the rice lover,  I picked Portuguese Tomato basil and it was also a big bowl. 

So overall a great food options and we thoroughly enjoyed our food. 

Now you can be calling your gang over to hang out at your place or stay till  late in office without being worried about where to order the food. Let dudleys do it for you. 

How to order 

Simply call +91 906914293

Or logon to 
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Lotus Pond – A classy Chinese restaurant since 1992

Few places don’t change & that’s what there strength is. And that makes them stand out from the rest of the lot.¬†

The love for food & travel takes me places , and I love exploring places that had been there for a long time. Probably their longer stint and still going strong talks a lot about their core DNA of being in the business of wooing customers with great food & unmatched experience.Started in 1992, this place had been serving amazing Chinese food  since then at New defense colony just adjoining hotel Surya Plaza.

Lotus pond is going to be the first restaurant on my list where I would want to take my family out for lunch or dinner when they visit me in Delhi And want to saver Chinese cuisine. 

Why you ask?

Well the answer is in the below picture. Yes a place that can house us all on one table and we can still look at each other without having to twist our  body while talking to one another unlike when we sit on long tables and more than that  passing a dish is yet another weight lifting exercise that happens. Yes this is the perfect solution. I was really close to picking up a table like this for my place while getting our furniture done. 

Let’s have a look at the Food¬†

Soup : Tom Kha

A Thai delicacy for a perfect beginning of an oriental Chinese cuisines at Lotus pond.

Mocktails : Till recently they were serving alcohol but ever since the new ruling came for 500 mtr around highway they have stopped serving Alcohol.

Anyways I don’t take alcoholic drink some opted for the following 2 drinks , all for my love for Banana and coconut and pineapples. All Mocktails are priced at a fixed price of 295/- so pick any from

So here is Hawaiian sunrise  on right a mocktail with blend of juices on banana and strawberry crush while the one on left is Summer Passion a blend of coconut milk  and pineapple juice.


Crispy Waterchestnuts in butter chilli garlic priced at 420/- 

    Cottage cheese fingers with Red chilli and Basil priced at 420/- is just the right starter to have for a moderately spicy palate.

    In Main course we opted for something light as we really had enough food already.So went for stir fried vegetable bokchoy , fried rice and noodles.

    Stir Fried Zucchini, Bokchoy, Beancurd & Exotic Mushrooms in Blackbean Sauce priced at  445/-

    And comes the most interesting section of food that is my heart yes the desserts. I have heard a lot about their Mocha rage. And everyone was like this is the best dessert to have. I thought of trying it and thus asked for Mocha Rage ( Rs. 395 /- ) and a fried ice cream (Rs. 345/-)

    And the Devilish mocha rage was served with 2 scoops of ice cream – a scoop of chocolate flavor and another coffee flavour with a huge peice of chocolate fantasy. This is pure Bliss,Loaded with chocolate truly foodgasmic. I could not imagine coffee and chocolate flavors will go so well to make such an outstanding dessert. And trust me the picture doesn’t do any justice to the taste here.

    Fried Ice cream was good too but actually we shouldnt have ordered anything else. As when you are having the best stay with it.

    Overall a good Ambience , great food and good service. Recommendation is to definitely try Mocha rage and keep some space to relish it in the end though you can try it in the beginning too. 

    Lotus Pond
    K-185, Surai Jullena, New Friends Colony, New Delhi
    Timings : 12:30 PM to 3:15 PM, 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM
    011 26849101
    011 26839526
    098189 99722

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    Let’s do Summers right with Kids

    While for working people there is nothing like summer vacation. But for kids it’s the much awaited break from the mundane routine of crazy school morning to a fun and frolic day every morning. No waking up early,  no rushing through the daily routine and no early morning of  have ur breakfast chick chick.

    So while kids are in there 7th heaven with all time in hand to play,  meet friends & visit places. This summer all the Malls in town has conspired to offer an amazing summer time to kids. All you have to do is just spot the mall that has something that your kid literally loves indulging into and head straight to that mall. 

    If you are confused here’s a quick guide to help you decide which one you need to head to.

    Pacific Mall,  Delhi 

    Pacific Mall is innovating a lot over few years and is always back with something really exciting. This time they are challenging the mighty ocean and has parked a submarine right in the atrium with all the sea life offering scuba diving to the little ones 

    Such cute faces to adore 

    Lots of photo props to engage the little minds before the scuba diving.

    So if you want to be a part of the  exciting summer activities for your kids this summer.  Register today as only limited seats are available. Link for the schedule: 

     Pacific Mall  is specially‚Äč creating a huge tank for this which will have fishes and corals.Apart from this daily they have workshops such as warli art , Mosaic art, block printing origami art, aero modelling etc for kids so it’s time for kids to brush up they art skills.The fun part is that all these workshops happen inside the submarine, isn’t it Supercool.

     Kids workshop dates 26th may to 11th june & Scuba diving dates 30th may to 18th june. Yes that’s when the Scuba diving actually starts. So making it India’s largest scuba diving Mall.

    All that you should know 

    • Required age for the participation: – 5 years to 12 years. 
    • Registrations can be done in the following way :
    • 1.On ground floor at the counter.
    • 2. Email at :
    • 3.  Inbox us  details with Parents name, kids name , mobile no, age, activity date & time for registration.
    • Call 

    Don’t worry if ur kid is under 5 yrs like mine. All you need to do is take your kid to pacific Mall at 12 in the afternoon and 

      Great India Place Mall Noida 

      One of the most exciting place to be at, for over a decade in Noida.

      This place is all set to spoil your kid with an ocean of Lego and if your kids loves to create something fun and is a true Lego lover then just take them to this place and every time while they come and create their unique Lego they can also bag a cute chameleon from Lego,  check the pic under.

      So this is on till 28th of this month so you need to rush to let your kid dig into the Lego fun before its gone.

      DLF Mall of India

      Noida has become the place to go and with DLF mall of india it’s definitely gets better every month.

      Now this mall is becoming my favorite hangout place with my kids and trust me I just love the way they pamper us. Though all there kids event revolve around a shopping cart but then you don’t mind spending for some good times for your kids right. Yes that’s what happened last weekend,  a baking workshop by Theos our favorite bakery from noida.

      If you think that’s all a kid gets to do then check out the meet and greet schedule. Who all are coming? 

      Well almost everyone your kids love – Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, Ben10,  surely summers can’t get better than this.

      I just loved the gate.

      Select Citywalk, Saket 

      Being accredited as the best mall in the country numerous times ,  how can we not talk about this while we are talking of Summer Fun at Malls.

      The Select summer carnival is back  to show you what they‚Äôve got in store. Here‚Äôs a sneak peak into the festivities of the last weekend. kids had a great time with Super Bheem and all the lovely kids. Stay tuned, there‚Äôs a lot more coming. 

      Find out more here:

      And Select Citywalk is not just a kids play they have so much more for all,  another exciting art exhibition is on display by sizzling 
      Enter the magical world of The Drifting Canvas at Select CITYWALK. Be mesmerised by art from the masters in a never before seen format, check our a glimpse here at
      It was supposed to go live last week but got effected by rain so is getting fixed and shall be back soon,  so keep checking out.The Drifting Canvas at Select CITYWALK, Saket is going to be an audio visual experiece of 11 of world’s great artistists. The multimedia experience, books, souvenirs etc etc to take you back in time 

      Dlf promenade Mall 

      This is yet another property of Dlf that is truly a kids space this summer from amazing hanging out places to creative crafts and kids favorite cartoon making their way to this place with their amazing cartoon parade. 

      The dream to meet their favourite cartoons is coming true with the city’s biggest summer camp at DLF Promenade. The Cartoon Network Parade is making.

      Contact at +91 11 46104466 for more details.
      Ambience Mall Gurgaon  & Vasant Kunj

      This Summer, let your kids learn, laugh, play & go wild at Ambience mall. A summer Camp ‘We Love Summer’ is right here at Ambience Mall , so let your kids be part of something exciting & amazing. They will meet new friends, make new crafts and experience life in a whole new level!

      Basketball is a brisk sport that helps curbing the issue of dullness or weight issues in kids. We have brought the team of NBA coach Karan Baweja which makes the kids play and relish the game to their heart’s content. 

      Ambience Mall Summer Camp 2017, everyday is abundant with fun, entertainment & learning. Drop by the mall and watch the kids indulged in more than 17 amazing activities. 

      Not just that Transportation is not at all a worry as we are offering your little ones, special pick up and drop shuttle service.

      The AC shuttle is equipped with cosy seats and has a representative from Ambience Mall to take care of your kids, so you have nothing to worry about. 

      Enrol now & get an attractive discount. Click here to enrol – or contact – 8860800800, 8130350002
      Dlf Place Saket 

      Global Summer Camp is in town at DLF Place Mall this summer from 13th May till 25th June 2017.

      Kids are up for a gala time this weekend with Puppet show, storytelling and many fun activities at the #MyWorldMyPlace summer camp. Many more fun sessions lined up all through summer. A puppet show happens every week.  And this entire week they have craft from Japan,  so kids can explore Japanese art and craft right in the heart of Delhi.

      Kids enjoying the Puppet show with story telling. 

      MGF Metropolitan Mall Gurgaon 

      So this mall is back with a trip to childhood memories with the Malgudi days. Where they have created smaller structure of Police station, village,  Railway Station with lots of fun activities all day long like pottery workshops,  magician,  musical chair & quiz contest etc etc.

      Tapri РA cute stop over at Jaipur 

      Whenever I visit a new city all I do is explore more and more street food. But this hot afternoon was different and inspite I craved for some street food for lunch but the heat outside pushed me to go to a closed AC space. And while passing I saw this sign and decided let’s go there.

      The place is called as Tapri and is in CScheme at Jaipur as a  dine in cafe on the rooftop.

      The entire place is very very witty with a lot of quirky little things around. As if designed to make you smile.





      As you step into this space all you can see is a lot of stuff on display that is being sold here miniatures of earthen tea sets,  kullads, bags , mugs,  jars, diaries etc etc


      Now few of the quirky signboards from the cafe, really liked the way they have put forward what they want us to do at Tapri.

      A mathematical disclaimer at the billing point, the Glass that scream out loud that it’s a glass. Outside terrace space which people take it for Granted that it’s a smoking ¬†place says it’s not and even warning why should you even need to smoke. & something for the selfiestan people. May be you clicking with your phone but they charge extra for it.




      The place was decently crowded and as we settled down and was figuring out the menu. I started looking at other tables and as always the grass looks greener on the other side. We enquired for few dishes which were being served on adjoining tables & finally ordered the following


      • Bhelpuri
      • Dal pakwaan
      • Namkeen shots
      • Gehu singh
      • Masala chai

      I am sure you must be like is it seriously ordered for lunch looks more like evening snacks menu.


      But since we had a heavy breakfast and I am on a diet so this was the best I could pick keeping the calories count mind. But was even surprising was that we could barely finish it.

      Dal Pakwaan was something that I had for the first time. It’s a dish that is created with a khakhra base with yellow dal on it and loads of finely chopped tomato and green chutney on it.

      Namkeen shots : these were the finest golgappa chat I ever had. The golgappa shells were very very fine & crispy.loaded with curd, ¬†sweet & green chutney, ¬†potato cubes….. Simply yummy.


      Gehu Singh: this was the best Gehu recipe ever. Soaked and boiled whole wheat made into a delicious chat garnished with cut veggies and sev. Simply outstanding and very very filling.


      Masala chai followed by a green tea just awesome


      As we checked out the terrace that overlooks the Central Park. The terrace is quite spacious with lots of plants to add to the colors on the terrace and loads of cool breeze to breathe.

      As we checked out after the bill they got us a feedback form. Asking us to leave a little bit of us. I did that and carried a lot of Tapri with me that you went in the blog. Not just that after my first Tapri experience with the 2nd In chronological order of Tapri cafe visit,  I headed straight to the third and newly opened Tapri cafe at Marriott РTapri Ashram,  The tea house.

      B-4E Prithviraj Road, C-Scheme
      Jaipur, Rajasthan
      @Mytapri Send Message
      Call 0141 236 0245