Tapri – A cute stop over at Jaipur 

Whenever I visit a new city all I do is explore more and more street food. But this hot afternoon was different and inspite I craved for some street food for lunch but the heat outside pushed me to go to a closed AC space. And while passing I saw this sign and decided let’s go there.

The place is called as Tapri and is in CScheme at Jaipur as a  dine in cafe on the rooftop.

The entire place is very very witty with a lot of quirky little things around. As if designed to make you smile.





As you step into this space all you can see is a lot of stuff on display that is being sold here miniatures of earthen tea sets,  kullads, bags , mugs,  jars, diaries etc etc


Now few of the quirky signboards from the cafe, really liked the way they have put forward what they want us to do at Tapri.

A mathematical disclaimer at the billing point, the Glass that scream out loud that it’s a glass. Outside terrace space which people take it for Granted that it’s a smoking  place says it’s not and even warning why should you even need to smoke. & something for the selfiestan people. May be you clicking with your phone but they charge extra for it.




The place was decently crowded and as we settled down and was figuring out the menu. I started looking at other tables and as always the grass looks greener on the other side. We enquired for few dishes which were being served on adjoining tables & finally ordered the following


  • Bhelpuri
  • Dal pakwaan
  • Namkeen shots
  • Gehu singh
  • Masala chai

I am sure you must be like is it seriously ordered for lunch looks more like evening snacks menu.


But since we had a heavy breakfast and I am on a diet so this was the best I could pick keeping the calories count mind. But was even surprising was that we could barely finish it.

Dal Pakwaan was something that I had for the first time. It’s a dish that is created with a khakhra base with yellow dal on it and loads of finely chopped tomato and green chutney on it.

Namkeen shots : these were the finest golgappa chat I ever had. The golgappa shells were very very fine & crispy.loaded with curd,  sweet & green chutney,  potato cubes….. Simply yummy.


Gehu Singh: this was the best Gehu recipe ever. Soaked and boiled whole wheat made into a delicious chat garnished with cut veggies and sev. Simply outstanding and very very filling.


Masala chai followed by a green tea just awesome


As we checked out the terrace that overlooks the Central Park. The terrace is quite spacious with lots of plants to add to the colors on the terrace and loads of cool breeze to breathe.

As we checked out after the bill they got us a feedback form. Asking us to leave a little bit of us. I did that and carried a lot of Tapri with me that you went in the blog. Not just that after my first Tapri experience with the 2nd In chronological order of Tapri cafe visit,  I headed straight to the third and newly opened Tapri cafe at Marriott – Tapri Ashram,  The tea house.

B-4E Prithviraj Road, C-Scheme
Jaipur, Rajasthan
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Call 0141 236 0245

Tafree time at New Tapri 


Few places has got something about them that drives you to explore more about the place. On this business visit to Jaipur I went to have lunch at this place called Tapri at C scheme. While exploring this food heaven I got to know that they have just opened another outlet at Marriott hotel near airport that week itself and its better than the one we were in and bigger too :).
I thought I wish I could visit that too.where there is a will there’s a way. I stepped out of this place and headed for another meeting. The meeting was scheduled around Marriott therefore going by gut feeling I proposed if we can meet at Tapri.

Bingo!  I couldnt believe that I was Heading to yet another Tapri store in the same day. I already knew what I am going to have Moong dal Pakode with my favorite Adarak chai which I could not order in the afternoon.
As I entered this place I saw this Dhela common chai redi right at the entry with mini Parle G biscuits,  an old radio transistor taking you back in time.  This Dhela also exhibits the sign board #Tapri.


As I stepped in I was taken aback with a beautiful landscapep & a beautifully crafted sitting space there.

They have a tie up with the NGO shristi who have placed these bird feeders and few messages on saving natural resources.

The open air sitting is a evening point and has got a dedicated canopy at all tables for shade. With a dedicated sitting under a huge canopy for kitty parties and birthday parties.



As we came to the main restaurant area the gate stuck me. Sometimes small gestures are worth a million, the gates had 2 set of handles one for adults and another one for kids….. How thoughtful 🙂


And I could made out the place is kids friendly but this place further surprised me with their one of its kind activity area. And this was a place to let the kid in you come alive and indulge in everything that we did as kids from coloring to art & craft stuff.
All the walls had a different theme and most of the items on sale. Most of the theme of the restaurant used recyclables. And everything was too Indian.


The audience here is much different from what we saw in the other store. Lots of happening people around just hanging out just  like that.

Since we have came here after our lunch so anyways did not had much space for food. And therefore ordered my stuff yes Moong dal Pakode , Adarak wala chai for 2,  and a Masala chai while we quickly finished the meeting.

When our order arrived I was already very happy.Crispy deep fried  mini Moong dal balls along with Adarak chai was out of this world and the quantity was sufficient for 3 of us. Every cup of tea is served with something be it their in house cookies or a mini pack Parle G biscuits, and the biscuits are so so cute that u feel like having them all.


For me this place was a trip to childhood nostalgia with earthen pots,metal kettle serving tea, serving wares made of leaves  or lookalike of leaves  and lots of things from the past yet so modern.



The menu was vast and served a lot of regional and international cuisines.

I had a flight at 6 and I didn’t felt like leaving such a vibrant,  full of energy positive space. With a feeling that I will come back to this place again we made a move and paid our bill and stepped out absorbing the positive vibes of this place.

I think few people definitely need to visit this place

  • Staying at Marriott then just step out to this place for some fresh air and lots of good food.
  • Kill extra time in hand and let the creative person in you take charge in the activity area.
  • Have a evening flight to catch step out of the city to avoid traffic  and spend some time here amoung the woods as airport is just stone through from here, don’t forget I am also saving you from the boring time at airport and off course unmatched food is a bonus.
  • Have kids and you are  on a trip to Jaipur, a visit to this place  anytime of the day is a treat for kids and will offer you loads and loads of your time while kids play around and do their stuff
  • In Jaipur then this is a cool place to host your meetings – lots of positive vibes You See 🙂
  • Pick cute little things from small earthenwares to a lot of art and craft stuff.
  • Unwind in the lap of nature away from the hustle of the city.

Do I need to say anything further,  I think you are already in for such a retreat.
Disclaimer: This is not a promotional feature nor have any connection with the owners / promoters of this place. It’s a work of expression  purely from the experience of a food enthusiast & off course love for new place in a city #JaipurDiaries.

Add a pit stop to your next Jaipur trip #Tapri


B-4E Prithviraj Road, C-Scheme
Jaipur, Rajasthan
@Mytapri Send Message
Call 0141 236 0245

Taco Bell – for the love for Mexican food

When I visit a restaurant  somewhere the marketer in me is always looking for the details beyond just the food, menu  and store layout. And for the first time i realized these guys have got it better than most others in this league.

Sometimes the simplicity in details and thought of putting all of it out there makes more difference than the fancy jagrans.

We entered the store with the idea of picking our lunch and quickly moving out, We knew we are not going to have it in the store but there speed to deliver made us sit and have it and thats when i got engaged with the interesting stuff  in the  store communication.

You will get to see a lot of mention of this phrase  “Live Mas ”  where mas is a spanish word meaning “more” and this was introduced for taco bell in 2012 when they replaced their existing tag line “Yo Quiero Taco Bell.” that meant ” think outside of bun.” This is engraved across the store and even on the tissue papers (check the first pic ). And even the earlier tag line was so apt, but lets have more for now.


Making pronunciation easy 

Most of us might have felt  difficult when we have come across this word “”Quesadilla”, well to be frank I could not pronounce it right in the first go years back when I first came across this word and look how they have placed it in hindi loud and clear , when you ll look at this wall you ll definitely pronounce this at least once as i did in your head. And hindi made it sound  more interesting. They have done the same with Taco, Nacho & Buritto.



*This photo is picked from Zomato 

Order made easy 

If you are on the counter placing the order , here is the complete guide for you on how to make your order. if its your first time to the store  this is going to be a great help to you. Check the pic under for steps and you are sorted

  1. Pick your product – Taco/ Burrito / Quesadilla /Chalupa (read it in hind or english as your prefer)
  2. Choose your filling : from vegetarian to non veg 3  options in each.
  3. Choose your sauce : just 3 options so that you are less confused.
  4. Select a side : from 4 options


Menu right up there on the wall, though i felt it was on a height but then its okay.


Offer board 

There was this place where the paper rolled down from a pulley and it made me curious what is it, when I checked with the staff it’s actually a notice board on which they flash the offer of the day whenever there is one. (Marketing people will understand that gives the store so much independence to write stuff and make it interesting, may be a spot to let the store employees show off their creative writing ) . But indeed a good placement just right to the counter and minimising printing cost as well.


Follow us 

Right on the wall , all four social handles sign with the handle name – @tacobellIndia


Wall of History 

The walls speak of the history of the store and another wall marks the location as Nehru place and not misses to highlight the current India Locations. Smart.

1954 – Glen Bell started Bell’s Drive in and Taco Tia in San Bernardino.

1962 – First Taco bell Restaurant opened in Downey,  CA

2010 – Taco bell opens in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore

2016 – Taco Bell opens at Nehru place. (we checked it out after a year of launch )


Right sitting with perfect foot rest

thats exactly what you need for your happy feet while you indulge in delicious food.just perfect height for both the and right placement


Hard Drink Menu guide 

A dedicated counter with the options of Hard drinks up there to help you decide in a quick pick.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 10.26.34 AM.png

Lets get to food we had on this visit

  • Bell Rice Bowl – Mexican Paneer 

Quantity was bang on, too much for a meal so had it to get it packed.whatsapp-image-2017-01-25-at-9-26-15-am


  • A Taco Slidder – Bean, paneer & Fajita Veggies

Perfectly crisp outside and juicy loaded with veggies on inside. Taco slider for me is what comes to my mind when i think of Taco.


  • A Soft Chocolate shake – to treat the sweet-tooth in me

Perfectly sweet and thick with just the right balance of chocolate ice cream, dont go for it if you dont have a sweet tooth.


  • Loaded Nachos- Veg 

when the toppings on nachos does not kill the crisp thats when you just love it as you crack it out in your mouth, and this was just perfect.


And now the most important thing, we were done with our lunch in just 20 minutes that included our clicking pictures and bothering the attendant multiple times to seek clarity on a lot of things. Isn’t its seriously fast food luncheon.

If you love mexican fast food then this is definitely the place which you should check out , good food , nice ambience and great pricing with just the right quantities to stuff you up.

TACO Bell – Rings the mexican food bells for your taste buds. so go Explore.

Taco Bell Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tea Trail Time

imag2075when you are a tea lover , you don’t really mind trailing the roads of CP to find that perfect place to chill out. And that’s exactly what we could do while we three friends were meeting after a long time. And all of us being tea lovers were on a hunt for a place to have something to sip while we can chat our hearts out.

And this get together was really unusual as we sat for 3 hours at a stretch and tried quite a range from Kullad chai to bubble tea to clear tea. and off course had a great time.

So we were not very hungry but definitely wanted to have something light with our tea.


And it was really very sunny outside so while we entered this place with the high ceiling literally made us look up, the entire store is done very nicely with Theme of a tea cafe closely intact across the store. Spread across two floors where the ground is basically for causal sitting and first floor is like a co-working space with a washroom as well. The best part about a well spread place is they have a washroom too.



Now let’s go to the range of tea we explored

So we started with Kullad chai with ginger and it came just in perfection in a size that we could consume and really cute cookies.


After having our Kullad chai we asked whats the speciality of the place , and the guy suggested bubble teas and mango being one of my favorite tried for a Bubble tea in Mango, but frankly speaking i was disappointed.

And same thing happened with the Matcha Shake – it was too sweet.


With me it’s not just the drinks but how the drink is being presented makes a lot of difference , after having milk based drinks we thought of going for a clear tea with our third order. and in-spite of being a hard-core ginger milk tea lover this was the best one we had.

We ordered a Argentinian Mate – “This is a clear tea packed with antioxidants , this infusion is a source of vitamins and minerals. it enhances physical energy, stimulates mental clarity , aids weight loss regimens, elevates the mood & helps digestion.” This is what the description reads on the menu and we can’t stop ourselves from trying this before leaving this place. And it was just perfect with a cute little timer to let us have the perfectly brewed tea. and you wont believe we re ordered this one.



But why it came with A cookie we could not understand after such a detailing on the menu.


Sweet potatoes chat 


Don’t miss to check out the display window offer for the deal of the day.

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Bakers Studio – For the sweet tooth in you

Everything sweet and serene – best describes this cute little place at the Jaypee Green Resort at Great Noida. This is a great property for a great weekend getaway from the chaos of a city. while you are on this cliché property you definitely can’t miss this place.


Bakers studio offers a deliciously decadent pairing of enticing treats at exquisite prices. One can choose from the irresistible assortment of the most classic and comforting desserts after having a meal at Jaypee.

Right across the reception lobby this place is something that would hold you for quite sometime even if you are not a sweets / cake / bake person. Why ?, well they have this lovely piano right across and the studio looks across to the golf course and the water body, so may be you can just enjoy the view.



They basically specialize into bakery stuff and have a lovely range of cakes and bake items like pastries, tarts, cup cake, variations in cup cakes, corrisant etc



Their range of cakes starts at Rs. 1195/- plus taxes for a Kg and the variety includes truffle cake, cheese cake, butter scotch, pineapple, chocolate cake, fruit cake and Black forest cake. And most of the time you will get fresh preparations.


Cup Mentorium – filled with fresh whipped cream is a variation of cup cake 





colorful and yummy 

They also serve a lot of quick and smaller portions of Pizzas, along with a variety of snack items  in veg and non veg both if you are thinking that they are all about sweet stuff.


Everything other than cakes are priced between Rs. 50/- to Rs. 185/- and that’s an absolute value for money.best part is if you are here to stay at this property you can actually get something packed while you check out.And their packaging is cute too.



Now Last but not the least, this is one cake studio that slashes its rates by 50% for all the item on the counter after 18 hr ( 6 pm ) till 22 hrs ( 10 pm ). so don’t miss to check this place out at that time. And that’s a reason why their stuff is fresh 🙂


So overall a great sweet experience and definitely a place that one should visit if you are here at Jaypee Green resort.

Baker's Studio - Jaypee Greens Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

18+ Cafe & Lounge – New place on the Block in Noida


So heres a new place in Sector 41 , adjacent to the “Theos ” that definitely grabs your attention right from the road. 18+ I am sure hits you in more than one way, This quirky , nicely done place is a great stop over for cafe lovers and foodies off course. Since its right across a lot of residential society , so one thing you are ought to fall in love with is the menu.


The space is beautifully designed creating a lot of spaces with very unique decor, Entry has garden look on the left  with lots of green and high rise  table sitting and a nicely done comfortable sofa  sitting for the romantic dine out.


As you move further the entire wall keeps you engaged with lots of fun posters with lovely messaging on the entire left side while the entire right wall and the bar area with lovely lights and motorbikes. They have a lot of quirk all around the cafe that ads to the flavor of 18+ cafe, the Bar area saying “Tumse na ho payega ” has a satirical connotation.

Best part is every side has a different theme and that adds to so much variety in the cafe from an interior point of view.


Bar Area , Dont miss the Motor bike miniatures over the glasses 


Right Wall of the Cafe 


The miniature of the Bikes – each one different from the other 


Left Wall, even while dinning this is a fun engagement 


So i started with my mocktail while my friend started with Hookah.


WaterMelon love 


WaterMelon love and Classic cold coffee 


Pasta Alfredo


Chick in Pizza

The best thing about your pizza here is you can customize the Pizza as much as you want from your veggies to your toppings preference and thats why the Pizza is priced as your style pizza Veg, Non veg and Mix for 325, 350 & 375/- each. So be your own boss and instruct the chef at 18+ to make it to your palate.

Probably one of the best and most elaborate Menu’s i have come across in Noida, And the Menu’s look is also as vibrant as the brand. When you are taking your family out for a breakfast i think this place is going to sought out the choice of menu with their options in breakfast trays. The breakfast spread starts at as low as 300 to 395/- with 4 options  and trust me the spread is sufficient for one person and more so when you have  quite a few options to choose from. And the best part is its available all day long.


18+ Menu 

# Desi Tray – this is irish breakfast option with egg of choice, stir fried veggies, bacon, sausages, beans, mashed potatoes, toast butter and jam with a beverage of choice from Tea, coffee or juice

#Mrs Chawla tray – this is indian Breakfast with Parantha , chole , samosa, Karare Aloo, ,gulab jamun, lassi, curd. So finally Mrs Chawla gets featured in the menu 🙂


Mrs. Chawla’s Tray 

#Healthy Tray – Bowl of muesli or cornflakes, cut fruits, eggs , stir fried veggies,toast and choice of beverage

#Budget option – Poha , Parle G (I am not kidding its seriously there ), Bread omelette , bun maska with masala cutting chai.

So i tried the Mrs Chawla’s tray and this was one breakfast menu which has my favorite things handpicked and made in an assortment, it cant get better than this. Samosha and parantha are my all time favorite so this one was completely my pick for myself. (As  if i only created the combination else who ll think of keeping samosa with Parnatha then karare aaloo and chole , happy to see people out there like such combos). For sure this should not be told to your dietician as its made for a foodie.

This place is named 18+ but with the items on menu they have really worked it around with customization yet hassle free is what is the key here. from the breakfast tray to north Indian food all main course dishes comes with Lacha parantha  , but keeping a flat price for the Gravy dish with a bread item is a great idea. truly loved this innovation.



Butter Masala with Laccha Parantha 


Desserts : The Dessert options are great too. Pan Cakes and Wafles with a choice of toppings  at Rs. 150 + 40/- for each topping, brownie with choclate sauce and ice cream, Cheese cake, 18+ sundae , Gulab jamun and Banoffee Ball.


Banoffee ball and Gulab jamun 

Overall a great experience on food and service, the entire team takes the feedback well and explains each and every item on the menu from food to the quantity helping you to decide what and how much you would like to eat , not really pushing you to order more which was a nice thing.

In most of the restaurants people tend to serve you really fast so that you have and leave, but here they are more into the experience and ensure you like the food and you are happy with the quantity too.

So stay 18+ forever, if you cant come over here and explore 18+ cafe and lounge.


18+ Cafe & Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Puppy’s day out at Puppychin


The Logo Mascots straight from the logo and vice versa

Most of the Pet Lovers always feel guilty of  leaving behind their furry babies at home, while they are on a lunch out or brunch with their gang. So worry not pet lovers, as this pet cafe –  Puppychino, Delhi’s first dog cafe is a dedicated dog space, a special snout-licking dogglicious dog menu and amazing merchandise to keep you going while on lunch out date with your pooch. And of course, finger-licking delicious human food as well for their humans. Dont have a dog and still wish to have a fun sunday with pets, then the Official mascots as seen in the Logo – BOBO (A lovable Labrador ) and Simba (Adorable simba) are always in the cafe to indulge with in a canine therapy. This place offers some really great food, chilling drinks, super music and lots & lots of doggie love with dogs all around.


Entry of the Cafe

Very well designed space to create a dog cafe which has a separate area for the dogs to have food , do a lot of activity with their human or without their human.

 Nayani with her adorable babies 

The cafe is the brain child of Nayani Tandon who herself is a dog lover and had spend almost 3 years at home not having a place to go out with her dogs. Thats when she came up with this dog cafe – which happens to the first Dog Cafe of Delhi. And everything here is so puppylicious from the logo to the sitting to the walls. And everything has the real dogs. Like for the logo has the 2 dogs which Nayani owns – BOGO (A lovable Labrodor ) and Simba (Adorable Husky ).

And her love is not only limited to having these 2 in her life and in the work space but she also have got inked them on her hands for life, dont believe me check this out


This one is on one of the Walls also and unfortunetly this one can only be seen in pics now


Passionate about her dog and now her Cafe too as thats the logo

Lets have a look at the Food here for the Hoomans as they say for the pet owners a range of Pizzas, pastas, shakes and Snacks are a must to try.


Pic source – Puppychino  cover


Nachos (Pic source )






And if you feel that how hygienic this place would be with so much canines around. well as you enter the cafe then this one does give you a feel of the guests around unlike any other cafe but the tables are being very well taken care of with the hand sanitizers on all the tables, ensuring nothing impacts your food experience


Table with hand sanitizers

Lets have a loo at Dog Food at the cafe 


chicken Pasta – Pic source PuupyChino 


Chicken Pizza

Whats More :

Its just not a cafe its an institution in itself that houses everything a dog lover would look for.From dog food to dog accessories, workshops on dog behaviors, hosting events for dogs, Dog birthdays they have a space for everything for your Love.



Pic from Puppychino FB Page


Pic source : PuppyChino Fb page

Talk to the visitors here and they had been coming here for quite sometime and almost every alternate weekend. and the dogs just love this space along with their hoomans. its a great place to connect with more people who share same love and everyone learns a lot while they and their dogs connect.

How to reach here with your Pup :

the nearest metro station is Green Park Metro Station with Exit towards Gautam Nagar and then take a Auto till Shahpur Jat, Uco Bank. And this place is in the lane inside on the thirst floor of 119 building – take stairs to the third floor or Lift
So if you love dogs or have dogs then this is the place to go for an amazing dogilicious experience.

Puppychino Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato