Summer gets sweeter at Baris 

If you have a sweet tooth or you love everything sweet. Or may be you are like me who loves to hog on to desserts first before I move to main food, then Baris awaits your visit to indulge your taste buds into a sweet temptation.

A menu that is curated by their chef Mr. Sahib Ibis, the entire range of summer dessert is loaded with summer cool ingredients, that represents the perfect blend of hand picked summer fussion  dishes. And the portion sizes are so indulging that you won’t mind those extra calories.

Best part of the food at Baris is that it marinated the food much longer to achieve the perfect blend of spices and taste unlike the over cooking that we generally do while making food, that you end up getting the taste of spices only.


And even I felt the extension of this in their summertime sweetness Dessert menu as well.Let me take you to the sweetest culinary trip to the dessert on offer this summer at Baris


1.) Aam Lava ( Rs. 325) : in case you could follow my last blog on Baris or have been to this Mediterranean dining then you need no introduction to the best item on their dessert menu,  yes it’s Baklava. And Aam Lava is a mango infused traditional Baklava that is served with mango cinnamon syrup.  And a presentation to die for. Don’t  believe check this out. And a mango flavored muse over it, garnished with dry fruits.

And Nothing gets better when the MasterChef  Chef Sahib Ibis from Turkey  serves it to you.  It’s ought to be extra sweet. Got lucky second time to be served by the curator himself, with his million dollar Turkish smile,


2.) Figamisu ( Rs. 325) : Well this is a version of Tiramisu with a blend of figs,  savoiardi cookies layered with mascarpone cream. And look at the presentation isn’t it difficult to control. This is devilish for sure.

3.) Twisty Turkish Delight ( Rs. 275)  : So as the name goes it’s a Turkish dessert made with carrots, Coconut, walnuts and Cinnamon. And this is one dish you will definitely want to order again.


4.) Kazan dibi Muhallebi ( Rs. 275) : Yaa that’s the name probably the most exotic  and is the lightest dessert on the menu on sweet quotient and taste too. It’s caramalised milk pudding with mastic & seasonal fruit salad. It had mango so for me it was the perfect pick. Chilled fruit salad on such a creamy and light base tasted simply yum.



5.) Shambali (Rs. 275)  : Last one on the list but not any less. Yes wheat semolina orange pound cake with cinnamon salted caramel & Vanilla ice cream on the top. This is pure Bliss. An ultimate dessert to dig into.


So what are you waiting for,  visit this inspired Mediterranean dining place for these incredibly irresistible dessert option for a completely satiating meal.

where you Ask ?

Baris Restaurant

Building 3, Local Shopping Complex, Mazjid Moth, Greater Kailash (GK) 3, New Delhi

011 49045330

011 49045331

( Pre booking recommended )

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The Food Abode : Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar at GK 

“Gastronomica” is a Spanish word that stands for Food and this place was  truly an abode of good food. Located in M block market it’s a fun place to hangout at.

Loved the ambience and the way entire sitting was done, quite a lot of efforts put in the details. And each corner has its own appeal be it inside sitting or the balcony sitting

A place that serves Chocolate shakes is always one of my favorite. And this one had 2 of my favorite things on menu one of course you guessed it right Death by chocolate , a chocolate shake and another Paan based drink – virgin paan and gulkand Mojito.

And here’s the other one which was really nice but probably the straw was wrong. As it was actually difficult to sip the gulkand through this straw. All paan lovers will simply love it. Quite liked the efforts in experimenting with Paan.

Started off on starters with raw banana kababs and the presentation was simply more than appetizing.

But I still have something for dahi based kabab and this Kadak Papad Kabab was stuffed with Spinach and coated with roasted papad fried to perfection and of course great on taste and presentation.

And how can a vegetarian not have Paneer in starters. So cream cheese Paneer tikka was just a perfect pick with a overdose of Paneer.

One more thing that I tried for the first time was Tandoori Jackfruit and quite liked it since I love Jackfruit.

Moving on to main course,  I think when one is in love with a particular cuisines you always end up having almost same stuff in vegetarian. So here is my pick Dal makahni and Paneer kaliya in the main course. And both the dishes were simply amazing. Had a really yummy Paneer dish in mains after a very  long time. And just loved it.

I literally waited for the desserts like anything as I have spotted this Dish ” Green Apple Beetroot Halwa” , and since we hardly find people who like beetroot,  I was seriously looking forward to this one,  and here it came with Red apples though but tasted yummy.

And was very very close to gajar ka halwa if I was blind folded and was asked to have this dish I would have guessed it gajar ka halwa. So this is definitely my strongest recommendation from their dessert menu.

So overall a great dining experience with nice Mocktail and starters options. And very nicely done sitting space. Do visit sometimes.
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 Light Camera Action on Terrace this Winter

This was the first time when I was attending a Foodie Meet up in Rajouri garden  so far this area was a forbidden land for me. But with so much action happening at the Restaurants in West Delhi , being a foodie you can’t stay away for long anyways .

Was invited for a meet up by The Brandilicious team , at LIGHT CAMERA ACTION – Air Bar, winters can’t get better than this.

So here i was on one of the most spacious terrace looking straight to the metro track and a metro passing every 5 minutes adding to the music of saaddi Delhi as they call. One thing that i just loved about the Terrace was the sitting arrangements and the colors. They hadso much of space still not cluttered , so much of colors but still not over the top, so much sunshine but still doesn’t give you a sun burn.This place is an amazing place to hangout over some open air  & sunshine truly a AIR Bar, so Baar baar jao.

Check out some Restaurant shots before we move to Food


bar Area


Fine dining sitting 


Inside shot


Wall of Frame 


Director – Bar set hai 


Chulbul pandey in Action 


Entrance at level 2 

Ye Restaurant full filmy hai, From the entry to the bar, sitting to walls, Terrace to the Tshirts of the staff saab kuch too much Filmy hai boss. And Eshki terrace toh Maa kasam Solid hai and ….baki saab kamosh.









And when a place is done so well, of course the food needs to match the same standards. So had one of the best laid mocktails on a tasting table so far.


Summer cooler & Lychee Ade 


Fruity Mojito 


Sangria , Summer cooler and Lychee ade 

The starters  were loaded with choice and of course taste. Had tried Pyar tune Quesadilla , Nacho saare Jee phaad ke, Pran jaye per paneer na jaye and Baba ji ka mushroom, Lick me like a loliie and Pataaka chicken… Truly poora ka poora filmy menu and full on filmy on taste.



Nacho saare Ji phaad k 



Pyar tune quesadilla 


Praan jaye per paneer na jaye 



pYar tune quesadilla Non veg 

“did you tried Mera Birthday Wala Pasta ” – said a fellow foodie and i thought she is referring to some homemade Pasta , But when this yummylicious plate of pasta hit our table then we knew its beyond something delicious. Yummy it was , true to its name happy bday wala  Pasta arranged as cake over a bed of sauce as the base and cheesy top just like the icing on the cake and olives were aaka cherries. A must to pick at least once (and it had lots of broccoli too for health freaks) – Check the Video 


Looks like cake isnt it 


Mera Happy Bday wala Pasta 

So while we were already spoiled with the choice of starters, and then the main course arrived. I tried vegetarian food in main course and Dal makani was seriously yum , had to go for a repeat serving- you may try this as well.




So overall a great experience with great service , ambience  and  food.

Best part was this place grows over you as you spend some time here and probably for the first time most of the foodies among  us had a good time just sitting under  the sun and the weather was just perfect for a lot of chit-chat over drinks. 

So if you happen to visit this place , ditch the indoor sitting , hit the terrace and have fun with the AIR in Light Camera Action – AIR Bar.

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Eat like a Japanese in the Heart of Delhi @ Guppy

When a Restaurant specializes in a particular cuisines the authenticity is always in question, and that is something that definitely hits you as you enter this space designed to unwind. A big board guides the way inside to the restaurant among the greens.



Passage to the entry


Open air sitting


high raise tables



colorful sitting


Whenever it is about Japanese food the first thing that hits us is Sushi – undoubtedly the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan as well as in Japan. Since traditional  Japanese cuisine is served on low rise  tables and cushions placed on floor over mats, so don’t expect the floor sitting ,here  they have a proper western yet comfortable & colorful  sitting.



What is always most challenging for me is to find the Veg options in a cuisine other than Indian. But this place is completely sorted to offer the best vegetarian options along with a good non veg spread with lots of seafood.

So the easiest to pick is the Meal options whether it is sunday brunch or weekday  Guppy set lunch or dinner option, these pre designed meals comes really handy. Japanese style traditionally abhors different flavored dishes touching each other on a single plate, so different dishes are given their own individual plates as mentioned, or are partitioned using leaves, etc. So going by that they offer each and every dish directly in eating bowls and cutlery .And this place follows the course to the core, the next dish on the menu would only arrive on the table when you are done with the previous dish.


I opted for Teppanyaki Stir fried vegetables priced at Rs. 900/- for a 5 course meal with 6 items.

1.Salad – Seasonal greens with wafu dressing 


Green vegetables served in Wafu dressing

This is literally “Japanese-style dressing” is a vinaigrette-type salad dressing based on tosazu, popular in Japan. The best part of the Japanese salad is unlike western salad these salads dont have oil as base, this one was  tossed in vinegar, soy sauce and sesame seeds.

2. Meso Soup : fermented soya bean paste soup in a dish base with tofu , wakame and spring onions.


Miso soups are authentic japanese soup,but if being a vegetarian you are sensitive to smells, don’t go for this soup as the fermented soya bean paste is not that pleasant.If thats the case you can opt for clear mushroom soup. The other ingredient in this soup is the seaweed – Wakame which is a well cooked green leaf and plain tofu does add to the taste.

3. Sushi Roll –  Sushi of the day 


So whats Sushi ?

In Japan there are over 4-5 varities of Sushi and outside of Japan most common is  Norimaki  Sushi rice and seafood, etc. rolled in dried seaweed sheets. There are countless varieties of sushi rolls differing in ingredients and thickness. Sushi rolls prepared “inside out” are very popular outside of Japan, but rarely found in Japan.

Here I opted for a Black rice california roll  that had avacardo, creame, asparagus, cucumber and takvan as the filling , and this was so good that I had ordered for complete portion and got it packed. (full portion had 9 pieces ) served with pickled ginger and avacardo chutney.


Black rice california roll

4. Rice Or Noodles – Udon Noodles with exotic Mushrooms 


Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine. The bowl had loads of veggies , sesame seeds and the soup.

5.Teppanyaki Stir fried vegetables


Perfectly stir fried vegetables sprinkled with finely diced onion stems and sesame seeds. And the sauce was great on taste with the perfect blend of vinegar.

6. Dessert – Petit Four whatsapp-image-2016-11-30-at-11-17-03-pm-2

A combination of 4 deserts in mini portions had Fruits, chocolate, red velvet cake and Tart. Portions that were just perfect for giving taste of the desserts and leaving the craving on.

The best part of the entire experience was the timing of each and every dish being served just to ensure that you are completely in the dish that is on the table and the next one comes while the existing is cleared.

Along with the lunch , I also tried my hands on 2 of the mocktails

  1. Just like that  – Fresh Gauva blend with peach and creame, One should only try this if fond of creme based mocktails.whatsapp-image-2016-11-30-at-11-17-42-pm-5
  2. Crimson Tide  – Beet root , strawberry with orange juice , sugar and lime. Well balanced taste of all the ingredients but too sweet.whatsapp-image-2016-11-30-at-11-17-02-pm-3

Overall had a great experience and interesting part is the live sushi corner where you can watch the preparation of your choice of sushi while its being made – Check out the video here 

This place has something about the way they have used the space , a combination of well lit , open and closed space. the outside space is done so well that it becomes a preferred point to chill out with kids, and i am surely going to try this out.


Small little but lots of such elements that gives this place a seem less theme of being a japanese restaurant.

Try out this place if you like japanese cuisine and if you never had it before then also its a must try to get a hang of this cuisine in the most affordable way.Pre booking / reservation is recommended especially over the weekends.

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Ivy & Bean Cafe : #Bean there

Best cafes are the ones which are being referred by friends. So this one came as a strong recommendation while having lunch at Out of box cafe in Gurgoan  early November by a colleague Varun Khanna who is a foodie too.

Since then I had this place in my #ToVisitList , here came the invite for a pre event for #PetFeb at #PuppyChino which was in the same building at 119 Shahpur Jat and another cafe #HearkenCafe that was opening its gate today. So when you are destined to visit a place , saari Kaynaat sajish main lag jati hai.


So while the pet fed event was gearing up and  I was amoung the few early ones so I thought of checking out this place for a quick coffee. Came to this place and was surprised to see this very well done space, with a lot of light and a combination of open air and closed sitting space. Furniture was really unique all done in white with a rustic look and floral upholstery made this place a girls space too with a touch of antique. sofas with cushions and straight chairs are designed to the lazy you.


The open space is done with sofa cum chair sitting all done in white with a lot of green outside (artificial plants ) to give this place a look of closer to nature, i wish to come back to this place on a rainy day for the view and smell while it rains. the mist fans and cooler must be keeping this place cool in summers.They are known for their Pan cakes and sandwiches, a delicious breakfast thats what the guy told me.




A quick look at food


Mocha with Mushroom Bagels


Loads of vegges – loaded with health


Yummy and filling

Since this is a coworking space so it offers free wifi for 3 hours as you come and do your office work and the staff came and told me on his own – “Mam, if you dont feel like going to office than please come over and work from here we offer Free wifi with coffee ” , I was like are you reading my mind.


Have your health dose as you eat with a range of Ice teas, coffee, shakes and mocktails this place has too much too offer and look at the pricing man. Three hours with that coffee life cant get better than this.



Flinders Lane Salad (Its a slightly warm Salad served with a hard boiled egg )


Mint ginger Ice Tea

In case you are not able to finish your food while working and need to rush out , they are very sweet in asking you to pack it for you.

All for your love for reading 

Now this woud ring bells to a lot of friends who are all the bookworms out there, this place is an ideal space to come over and pick up a book and read , in case you are not able to finish it , you can always rent it out to complete it and then return.


A Cupboard pull of Books is a delight for a reader


Coffee with the Books – Read it or rent it to finish it

sharing is caring, so in case you woud like to donate your books you can simply drop them here for others to pick up and read.

Good times are made of  coffee , books and a good ambience and this place rules it. So visit this place when you looking for any of the above.

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